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      So I’m about 22 weeks along in my pregnancy and I woke up this morning with a stain on my shirt about the size of a quarter, right around my nipple. Obviously, its some sort of fluid that leaked out during the night.

      Anyone know what? Is it colostrum, or just fluids in general? Should I be leaking this early?

      And any tips to helping deal with this to avoid any embaressing situations in public? :laugh:


      P.S. Is it going to stain? (it was on a white shirt)


        I was extremely leaky with both of my pregnancies….it it most likely colosterum…does it have a slight yellow or orange tint….I started leaking at like 4 months with both kids….I never found anything to help……it is kind of embarassing but just remember….pregnant ladies get away with everything….no one looks at you like you are a hog if you are first in line for food or if you go back for fourths LOL if you leak in public from your eyes or even your breasts most people just say to themselves….shes pregnant, thats supposed to happen… after having two kids nothing really embarasses me anymore…except them LOL….as for staining…get a bottle of spray n wash you will need it…..Love and Prayers…Meg


          You could try sticking some breast-pads down your bras (the type that breast feeding women use) that should stop people noticing in public.


            well, its good to tell your doctor about it. I had the same problem with my pregnancy, but i had a premature baby, and since there are no real answers, id check with the doctor, dont panick, it means that you will have enough to feed your child ;).

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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