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    I would like advice from someone how to rasie a baby and still go to college. It just seems all my dreams of going are impossible now. I really wanna know how I can do it all;


    Hi. First thing you should do is always put it in your head that your dreams are still within reach and that your baby will make the journey all the more worthwhile if at all interesting. Your plans may be delayed, that’s all but your dreams will really be still possible.

    I took college in the Philippines where I’m from but I guess some things about college will still be similar.

    Find classes that will allow you some flexibility in schedule. Even without a baby, college is a challenge in scheduling which, if you get it down pat, will help you in life.

    Try to identify teachers that will understand your situation. While I personally regarded a cut from class as a cut regardless of reason generally, I would normally be more sympathetic towards people who were parents. As I saw it, there was no point in making like even more difficult for those who already had it tough. I just made sure that, to be fair, student-parents would fulfill all requirements that all my other students had to fulfill.

    Involve yourself in school activities but know your limits. You definitely will not go out on nights out with friends when your baby is at home crying. Do not let this hamper what else you can do though. Find activities that are worthwhile and, like you do with your teachers, explain to organization officers your situation and find a good compromise as to what you can contribute to your organization.

    Honestly, take you baby to school once in a while. Once your baby is around two or three, it would be good to explain why you have to be away for hours and what it is you’re doing. Oh, teachers like that, by the way.

    It may also mean that you’d have to graduate a little later than your batch. No problem there. Instead of taking a maximum load of maybe six or seven subjects, maybe you should just take four or five a semester. That way, you can have ample time to study, rest, take care of the baby and all that. Consult with your school guidance counselor as to what you can do with your subjects and schedule.

    Oh, always seek the help of your school counselors. They’re there to help and though they can be a pain sometimes and seemingly hard of hearing, they are there to help. They can also be excellent advice-givers regarding your parenthood especially if they’re parents themselves.

    Take care and please feel free to email me or send me a message anytime you feel the need.



    many many colleges give scholarships and such for single moms… don’t give up on ur dream of going to college… may take a little longer to get there or finish school but hold on and be patient….you can do it….


    I had my daughter when I was 15, I was just leaving 8th grade, entering 9th grade, when I had her… I just graduated from High School… I am NOW* entering college, for this summer. You can do it… If I can go 4 years in school with a baby, you can do it. =)



    Thank you everyone that replied it really mean’t a lot to me

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