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    I’m 17 years old and I might be preagnant, I’m really scared cause I dont kow what to do My boyfriend thinks that I should have an abortion but I dont think thats the right thing i couldn’t take a life away but I have no support from any one my mother will probably tell me to leave home and I dont know what i’m going to do I’m really scared I’m not ready for this i dont know what to do, pleae help me some one tell me what can be besr for me becaus eI cant even think any more and I’m really scared please help!!!!!!!!!


    Hi Alma,
    First, you should buy a home pregnancy test or go online and find a clinic that offers free pregnancy testing. Then, if you are pregnant, call one of the numbers to the right, the Crisis Pregnancy Help Line or the OptionLine, and they should provide information to you on prenatal care, places to stay, etc. There are a lot of people passionately committed to saving the lives of the unborn and providing the help that their mothers need. If you live in the New York City area, a great resource is an organization called Expectant Mother Care. Look them up, and please call if you do live in NYC or visit one of their centers. Another organization is Birthright. If you simply enter "pro-life" or "help for pregnant mothers" into a search engine, you should find a lot of information. You are young, but many girls before you have gotten through this experience to be great moms. Despite what your boyfriend or mother might say, it sounds like you know in your heart that you are the mother to a beautiful creation of God. That is truth! Take a deep breath and honestly say the first thing that comes to your mind. Chances are, you’ll realize that your gut is telling you to keep your baby. Be strong! This is a good place to start. It’s okay to feel scared and alone, but from reading other testimonies, it sounds like you’ll feel more self-respect in the long run if you follow your heart. Praying for you, and please know that if you just look, there are people out there who care! Just as your baby is special and deserves to be loved, so do you! Hope it works out. 🙂


    don’t worry…..the best thing to do is take a deep breath and relax…..then take the test and see…..don’t be scared to tell you mom…she loves you and will support you…..i’m 17 and 12 wks preg….i didn’t thinkmy dad would support me but he is…the rest of the family is very excited for the baby….


    Hey the firt thing you should do is stop worrying. Buy a pregnacy test and if it comes up to be positive tell your mom and see how she reacts she might be made at fist but eventually she’ll get over it and be excited. Just pray and ask God to help you. GOD BLESS YOU 🙂


    did you find out if you were pregnant?

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