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    well i thought i was pregnant was having all symptoms and have gotten a little belly and i just got my period, its not really heavy but its there n i hav bits of tissue.:( so i guess im not pregnant…im really upset because i was so excited..i was just wondering can i b pregnant and hav my period? i have been stressing out alot lately n thought i mite b bleeding due to that.if anyone could let me kno wat they think that wud b great.also i hav heard on here that maybe dirty blood is just getting out??? i could be anywhere between 2-9weeks.


    It’s highly doubtful you’d have gotten a belly from pregnancy just yet if this would’ve been your first missed period. Please don’t take this as criticism because it isn’t, but some people are so wanting to be pregnant, they actually take on physical symptoms of pregnancy including a little belly. You may very well be having a period with a pregnancy, but since in most cases, you’d be testing after a first missed period, you may have to wait another month to test. The confusion comes with the fact that you could get pregnant between now and then, so you still wouldn’t know how far along you were. If you genuinely feel in your gut that you are pregnant, go get a test at the doctor’s office. So many times, girls (including myself) spend a ton of money on those first HPTs that you could just get one blood test at the doctor’s office instead. It also saves you the nervousness of not knowing.


    I can see how you would be confused. Have you taken a pregnancy test? Is there a clinic near you that you could go to so they could tell you for sure. If there is tissue, it could be a miscarriage and it would be best to have a doctor check you because if your body doesn’t clear it out on it’s own you could develop an infection. Let us know what happens.

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