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    ok… i am healthy, in good shape, and all that humbo jumbo… k the first of this month me and my bf had sex and everything was normal with it… two days later i had alot of discomfort in my right side and i started swelling really bad in my vaginal area… since then i’ve had really bad:angry: mood swings, irritable as all get out, very tender breats, extremly bad heartburn, constipation, and other symptoms… i know two days is a very fast time frame to be getting prego symptoms but i dont know what else it could be…???? i am so confused… on top of that one of my managers at work randomly came out and asked me if i was prego!?!?! she has had two or three children… i need guideince or something… yes i do have very irrregular periods… anywhere from 3 days early to 9 days late… :woohoo: we really hope i am but i dont have the money yet to get a test… HELP ME!!!:sick:


    Go to a pregnancy resourse center they give free tests…two days is early to have symptoms but still get checked out….with pain in your side and swelling down there you could have an infection!!! go to the health department or a sliding scale clinic and get checked out…. I would stop having sex until your married and you wont have to worry about these things….I remained abstinent for 3 1/2 years before my wedding after 10 yrs of being sexually active so I know it is possible and that it is very rewarding…I never had to worry about pregnancy or STD’s…..let us all know how it goes…Meg


    Hi there, my name is Jamie and I am a pregnant paramedic. In reference to your worries, 2 days is NOT enough time to show symptoms of pregnancy. The pregnancy symptoms begin when the embryo implants itself onto the walls of the uterus. That takes 2 weeks at the least. Vaginal swelling and abdominal/side pain tell me that you and your bf are not having gentle sex. Vaginal swelling is a simple sign of inflammation due to friction, dryness, being too rough, etc. Other pains in the local area in the given time frame could be the changing of positions and being too rough. All the other symptoms are probably sparked by worries, the fact that you are in pain, soon to be period time, etc. You will not show signs of pregnancy 2 days after having sex. No worries there. Just be careful. Hope I could be of some help to you.


    Well all the signs point to preg!!! have u had unprotected sex b4 or was it just that once???? I wish u all the luck in the world wen u take the test an i hope u get the result u really want. . .xxxxxx:)

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