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    well i had an abortion 3 weeks ago and it kills me everyday.
    I now suffer from depression and its hard.

    I wish i could turn back time and kept my baby but i listened to my boyfriend and he got his way,(still with him to this day)

    Please girls think before you have abortion its not a very good feeling i just wish i found this website 3 weeks earlier it would’ve helped me much better before i made my unthinkable choice.

    Think about the aftermath
    you mite not be able to fall pregnant again after it
    get an infection
    they dont take the whole remains out of the cervix
    you could get depression

    please girls think about it before you make that choice.

    If anyone really needs to talk to me please email me and ill be really happy if spoke to anyone before they make their chioce

    love and peace
    lisa xxxx

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