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    Meagan Weber

    Hey you, I am SO glad you found….Thanks for posting your question as well, that takes a lot of courage! Anyways, Here is what I think you should do, Visit this website, or call this number, 1-800-712-HELP, enter your postal code into the website or give it to the person you talk to and they will give you the contact info for the closest Pregnancy Help Center to you where you can get FREE and CONFIDENTIAL help, Including a medical grade pregnancy test and an ultrasound if needed….The best time to test is first thing in the morning with your first urine of the day, that is when they are most accurate….It is common to get a false negative if you do not test with your first urine of the day….I say if it comes back negative and you are a week late, then take a blood test and or be seen by your GYN to make sure your body is in good condition….I hope this helps a bit and I hope you will come back and let us know what you find out….Fingers Crossed…Love Meg,

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