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    I have a feeling that these are fake symptoms, but I’m not quite sure. I get nauseous randomly throughout the day. I’m also peeing alot. Although, I’m not really sure what is considered a lot. I am at work 10 hours a day and I usually only pee once, but the past few days I’ve been going 4 or 5 times at work alone.

    I also get random cramps, but not bad. The strangest thing was that my face broke out. The only time I ever break out is before my period, and I’m not due to take out my ring until the 10th. My face was terrible for a few days which hasn’t happened to me in years especially because the birth control.

    I’ve been on Nuva Ring for a few months now. I was a little confused on when to put it back in. So last month I put it back in on Wednesday instead of Tuesday only to find out later that I wasn’t protected for the 7 days after.

    Is this all in my head? I think it’s too early for a pregnancy test.


    Ok, have you either gotten your period or taken a HPT yet?
    I hope everything works out for you!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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