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      can you be pregnant without having any of the early symptoms? someone help. thanx!


        Hi – As far as your question goes, I know a few people that never had symptoms until they were about 12 to 14 weeks! I may not be much help but, being that I’ve been down that road three times but, not successfully finished I can give you some info. The first time I didn’t even know I was because I never had a sign the first, at least I thought, but my boyfriend said I was going to the bathroom alot more than usual and he could see my stomach move and hear things. I’m sure my rambling doesn’t help but short version, it’s possible!

        Hope this helps you some>


          yes i say 🙂


            Yes you can.. it’s happened to quite a few girls i know
            if you are pregnant you’ll eventually get symptoms
            my friend is 6 months pregnant and she didn’t know until her doctors appointment she had no symptoms..

            but good luck 😀


              ok well ive had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and havent ever gotten pregnant untill yesterday i took a test and it came out positive but i think i did it the wrong way is that possible or if i did it wrong would it have came out negative but im gonna take another one in a few days and see if says the same ive been having a couple of symptoms like sore tender breasts and frequent bathroom trips and stomach aches but i dont know and my period is late but im only 15 so it could just be irregular right but for the past few months its came at the same time but not this month so could i be pregnant for real please help? 🙁

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            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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