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    So lube decreases the chance of pregnancy. We used lube a bunch of the times we were together. Does that mean Im not pregnant if we used lube every time?:S

    gina lynn

    no. you CAN still get pregnant if you use lube


    You can still get pregnant. I don’t think it would act as a birth control.


    Girl, u can get pregnant no matter what, it’s just a 50/50. Even if one lil guy gets in, your chances increase, no matter if its with or without. Like I said, go get a test!!


    I’ve NEVER heard that one and don’t believe it either. There is 100% chance you can get pregnant


    Well if its spermacide lube it reduces the chance of u gettin pregnant, bu no u can still get pregnant using lube sweetie xxxxx


    unless the lube had spermicide in it u can still get preg….


    Yes, you STILL can get pregnant. It doesn’t matter if it had spermicide in it or not, just wait and go get a test, but you still should go to the doctor to make sure.


    Yeah, you can still get pregnant. Even if it’s a spermicidal lube, you’ll still have a chance of getting pregnant. Nothing is 100% effective, honey.

    Good luck. 😉


    ooh yeah i agree with these girls. nothing is 100%. not birth control, not condoms, not lube. be careful, thats my only advise. take a test if you think you need to.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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