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    Hannah Nickols

    i do not have a lot of money right now.
    and this pregnancy thing is all new too me.
    so like how much did any of u guys paid for prenatal care?
    and how can i do it cheaply lol.
    also can i get prenatal vitamins at a local drug store?

    please write back
    thanks 🙂

    caroline s

    u should apply for medicaid since ur pregnant they give it to u and all ur pregnancy doctor visits and medication can be all payed for u…do research on it and fined out what there is because i kno their def is for pregnant women

    Kerry Atkinson

    ah so obviously you ARE pregnant. Have u found out how far you are?

    Id go to the doctor. I’m in australia so dnt know much about ur medicare over there.
    Hope it goes well & Congrats

    Kailey Williams

    yeaup- you need medicaid. usually you just need proof of pregnancy to get it. you can do that free at a clinic. if you have any money then prenatal vitimins are great but if not then eat lots of cheerios and drink lots of orange juice b/c you need folic acid and they have it! make sure you get iron and "eat the rainbow" is what i was told. Eat foods in every color because they all have something you need. good luck!

    Kailey, 18
    Mommy to Faith, 14 months!

    Kerry Atkinson

    dont go overboard with the vitamin thing. Just look after yourself.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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