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      im a about 8 weeks pregnant or more and i dont know what to do. i took a home pregnancy test in december it was positive. i havent had my period for 2 months so yup i guess that means im ”PREGNANT”. i know that sooner or later im going to have to go to the doctor but i dont have health insurance is there any way i can get it for free some where. ive only told my boyfriend and my best friend.i dont have morning sickness i used to get cramps the first 2 weeks but not anymore i am experiencing nausea every now and than when im to hot or stand for to long and some foods dotn taste good anymore those r my only symtoms. my stomach was appearing to be getting bigger but now it looks like it has gotten a little bit smaller i was wonderin if my stomach lookin a lil smaller than before a sign of something bad. im around 5’8 and 130 pds when will i start showing


        Most of the people I know that have been or are pregnant have started showing around 2-4 months. You NEED to get to a doctor. It’s VERY VERY VERY important to have a checkup in the first trimester (the first three months). It’s very important, especially if you think your stomach has gotten smaller. Good luck and if you need anything more, I’m always available to talk. Feel free to email me at anytime =].


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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