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    Yesterday i found out i was pregnant. I have thought all day about an abortion, because the father already has three children of his own and i know i will be left to raise this child alone. I dont have any close friends, and the only person i can talk to is my mom but i need help from some one else. I am 22 years old. Is this too young? What will my dad say? I am really scared and feel really alone…


    Hi hun,
    What you really need to do right now is sit back and relax. Go through all your options (pros and cons). I’m 17 and am pregnant with my second child right now (same daddy). I am handling it just fine, and I’m sure you can handle a baby just fine too. I do not think 22 is too young. If you ever want anyone to talk to, I’m always here. Good luck with your decision.


    You are NOT too young! You can do this! It’s going to be hard, especially since the father isn’t going to be involved, but the baby will be more than enough of a reward in the end.
    Your dad will probably be upset at first, but parents usually forgive their kids after a little while.
    If you need support, try a Crisis Pregnancy center, or try calling one of the numbers on the right hand side bar of this site. (And you can get support on this site too!)
    Please don’t abort your baby, you will regret it for the rest of your life.
    How are you doing?


    Thank you for the encouragement. I am going to keep it. One other problem tho… i just got laid off from my job so i dont have insurance. What should i do?


    Well, try a crisis pregnancy center, they should be able to help with doctor appointments and stuff. I’m not really sure about anything else because I’m not really keyed into insurance and all that. But I’m really glad that you have decided to keep your baby! 🙂


    Congrats on deciding to keep the baby. It will definitely be worth it. As for insurance you could always apply for medicaid (in wisconsin it’s called badgercare). That’s what I’m on right now and it covers maternity. I’m not really sure about a lot of insurance stuff, but I hope that helped a little.


    I’m 15 and pregnant! 22 years old is NOT too young… you are able to be on your own and support yourself. The timing of the economic crisis is a little bad, but things will work out. God doesn’t give you more than you can handle! Crisis Pregnancy Centers have all the information on state assistance.


    As far as the insurance side depending on where you live Medicaid is always an option. If you are accepted they normally go retro 3 months so if you do have any visits they would be reimbursed in the future if you are accepted. You will also be offered Cobra from work if you were on the plan before you were fired. You can stay on Cobra for 18 months in most states. If you were not on the insurance you will not have the option of Cobra and I would look into Medicaid. Best of luck to you. Jessica


    You may feel alone now, but your not.

    22 is not too young. An abortion is not the answer, though it would be easier. However, I believe you are better than that. Don’t give up, things will get better in time.


    Don’t feel alone and don’t do this to yourself. I’m a 15yr old mother and If my baby’s father would have left me, I wouldn’t have punished MY child for it. I know. It will be hard at first but becoming a mother makes you stronger! It makes you open your eyes and see that you do NOT need a man to make you feel good. Please, re-think your options..


    Praise God, for keeping your baby! Congratulations! I just turned 22 when I fell pregnant. You are not too young! I’m doing a great job, my boy is fine and healthy! Whatever you do, DO NOT ABORT! They dismember, burn with salts or suck out the brains of your little baby. Sometimes they suck the baby out alive with its heart still beating. Your baby loves you. God is weaving him in your womb! The labour and birth is not so bad – you can do it! God made you able to do this! God Bless the baby in your womb! Babies are born in all kinds of circumstances, it’s better than being aborted in all respects!


    How are you doing now? Were you able to get another job or figure out about insurance?

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