Pregnant @ 40

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      Okay, I guess you may say what is my problem…I am an older woman that shouldn’t care what people say, but here’s my story. I have a 3 year old by my ex-fiance. We were to get married, but he failed to tell me he was still married at the time and hadn’t gotten his divorce prior to our wedding day and the ex-wife showed up at the wedding!. Total disaster and my family has hated him every since! We broke up in 2002 but kept messing around with each other. I got pregnant Again in 2003 and hastily had an abortion because I was worried about what my family would say! (They didn’t know that I was secretly seeing this man that made a fool of me at the altar) But even after ALL that, my ex-fiance and I tried to make things work and got back together in 2004 just to break up 3 months later. Well, lo and behold, this past month (February) we were intimate and I got pregnant again. I am around 7 weeks!! I truly don’t want to have an abortion again because I felt so depressed and guilty about the last one. My ex wants me to keep the baby (he wanted me to keep the last one too, but I didn’t listen and I am more worried about what my mother would say. I know, I know…..I am 40 and still scared of what my mother may say. I guess I am just wondering how I should I break it to her? My little girl would love a little brother or sister and I came from a big family and I can’t imagine her being the only child. I am thrilled and scared at the same time.


        Dear Patricia – I am Lisa from the Stand Up Girl website and I couldn’t help but want to send an e-mail response to you and say PLEASE keep your baby. I promise you … that no matter what your mom says now, she will absolutely love this baby. Why? Because it is her grandbaby and he/she is a part of you. I am 41 years old and you know what? You are so blessed to have this opportunity right now to be pregnant. What I wouldn’t give to also be pregnant at this time. I know what it feels like to be worried about what your mom says. Trust me, you can never be too old for that. But you can also not be too old to hold the guilt for this choice for the rest of your life. I mean, you actually have a man that is supporting you and asking you to choose life. So please Patrica – you already love this baby. Give your mom the benefit of the doubt. Give her a chance to love this baby too. Please!

        I hope this helped.

        Luv Lisa

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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