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    Hi, i’ve been on the pill for about 5years, My husband & i decided i should stop taking it last august. Before i went on the pill i had regular periods about every 28-29 days. Since ive come off the pill they just keep getting later & later. 1st was 28 days, then 29days, then 35, 36 then 41! Now its been 44 days since my last period. So am i pregnant? I nipples are alittle tender but other than that, nothing else is different! We care kind of try for a baby but no over the top, kind of when it happens it happens, if that makes sense! Don’t get me wrong we would both be over the moon if i was! No sure if i want to do a test yet, coz i just don’t want to see the not pregnant sign! how much longer shall i leave it before i do a test?

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