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    i had sex for the first time march 31. we used protection. a week later i read the pregnancy symptoms and started feeling nervous, my stomach felt upset, and i felt like i could throw up but never did, i was so worried. then i started my period april 11 and quit worrying. but i read u could have ur period and be pregnant.. my period lasted 6 days and seemed to be normal.. yesterday (april 19) my breasts started hurting.. but now they dont so much.(heard they grow when u start having sex) ive been gettin headaches, i think they are sinus migraines, which made me light headed.. i have a decreased appetite too..and i havent been constipated. do yall think i might be pregnant?



    well i dont think your pregnant because i get all of those symptoms after i get my period. when my period ends i start gettin migranes and my brest start hurting and all of those other things you just mentioned. but then again you could never be sure so i think you should take a pregnacy test and find out. GOOD LUCK!



    I don’t think you are pregnant I think you are probably just stressing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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