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    I thnk i might be pregnant… Im 17 and have been going out with my current bf for 6 months. about a month ago i had sex for the first time in my life. We became closer and everything is wonderful. unfortunastely i have the feeling i might be pregnant… (and just to clarify i dont want to be pregnant…) About 2 weeks ago (right after we did it) i started to bleed, my periods have always been out of whack, going from a day long to 2 weeks, and could be as far away as 6 months or a month. it usually happens when im stressed. i figured because of the new experiences i was having, it was just reacting. but 2 days ago i felt naucious and have ben lying in bed ever since. i feel like i have a stomach ache (almost like normal cramps) and i have a fever(if that means anyhting), also i cant really eat anything wihtout feeling naucious, but i feel hungry all the time. I dont have any other symptoms but it is freaking me out. We always use condoms and they havnt broken or anyhting. My mom doesnt know i am sxually active but about a month ago (b4 we started having sex) i told her i wanted to go on the pill to see if i could regualte my periods, she agreed and i have been waiting for my period to come so i could take them. She has already said in many discussions if i ever became pregnant i better not be in her house or i would be kicked out. I cant stand this feeling and in my small town it is impossible to but a test without a parent. I have nevr been to a gynecologist… which i know is bad, but it scares me…. Im really worried… could i be pregnant or am i just freaking out? help?


    Hey hun well honestly if you are that worried go to the health dep. they will give you pregnancy test and you don’t need a parent to go with you, and they can’t tell your parents what the results are or even if you have been there.


    hey naseema….
    First and foremost chillax baby! This may be coz of ur irregular chums…but u never know… y dont u get urself a pregnancy kit and check out, if ur so freaky about the doc thng!
    Don’t get so paranoid dear! Jus try and relax. Take thngs one at a time. But at da moment, get urslf tested pls. M sure thngs will be all right. God Bless!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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