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    A couple of months ago i thought i was pregnant cuz i had symptoms like being sick and my boobs really hurt, i was really tired yknow all the usual signs. So i took a test and it was negative. I had a really light period which wasnt much like a peroid at all, But now i am over a week late for my period.
    Does it sound like i cud be pregnant???

    gina lynn

    it sounds like you might be pregnant, you should try taking a test again, but take it in the morning because that is when its most accurate. or else go to the doctor and get a blood test id you want to be 100% sure. good luck.

    gina lynn


    i would talk to a doctor. if your not pregnant, there could be something else in your body. maybe defficient hormones/


    Possibly..somtimes women don’t miss periods all the way throughout their entire pregnancy (rare but it does happen)
    So what I would do is schedule an appointment with your Primary Care Doc and let them test you . If you are pregnant then congrats if mot it is okay too. Keep us informed


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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