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    I have posted a few things but have not got any replies. I might be pregnant (I would be 5 weeks) just the beginging of this week my boobs started hurting so bad, I have had this feeling like something is different (don’t really know how to explain it), just today I started to feel really tiered and I have been bloated non stop for about a week now. I looked up pregnancy at 5 weeks and it lists every one of those but bloating. I have also had some slight cramping in my stomach and uterus. My next period would be next week sometime. My last period wasn’t really anything and it was only 3 days and very light instead of my regular 7 days heavy. I was wondering if anyone has had any of those symptoms at 5 weeks and if not what were your symptoms? or could this just be my period?


    First things first, you need to take a HPT as soon as you are late by one day, take it first thing in the morning with your first mornings urine, that is when they are most accurate…now to tackle other issues… You have your screen name titled as wantingababy…does your mom know you want a baby? If sounds like you have a great mom who is willing to be by your side through thick and thin but does she know you want a baby? Also from your other posts I can see that you are not in a stable relationship, are you trying to get pregnant by just anyone who can be a sperm donor? Not to sound harsh but how will you explain that to your child one day? When they ask you how you and daddy fell in love and you have to say, well there was this guy I kind of liked and I wanted to get pregnant…so you know thats how you got here….I hope you can hear my heart behind the words but honey, if you want a baby then why are you worried about being pregnant, and if you are not in a stable relationship and out of school and financially stable then why would you want to bring another life into the world that will be 100% dependent on you…that is a big responsibility, if this pregnancy "scare" turns out to be just that a scare will you have realized that now is not the time to get pregnant? I hope so, please talk with your mom some more, let her be your mom and don’t hold anything back…I am here as well as many others on the site, just wait it out, take the test and let us know and please, for the sake of your future family and children just wait a while…. Love Meg

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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