PCOS- polycystic ovarian syndrome

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    Kerry Atkinson

    anyone have this?
    What was the treatment for it?

    Looking about for info and have been told accurately that i have it due to my u/s results.
    My ovaries are filled with an excess of 20 follicles when there is only meant to be 10. They are enlarged.
    Which means that they arent releasing eggs to be fertilised. I’m happy i have answers to my irregular periods after all this time BUT im sad to know that it will be harder getting pregnant again for the 3rd time 🙁

    Trudy Hamilton

    ok so awhile back i thought i had this too i went searching for info and i found this site:

    if you need anymore info just google it

    Kerry Atkinson

    the dr wont medicate me yet until i have lost some weight. Said im 13kilos over but said 10 will do. It was a slap in the face but i know i need to do something.
    BUT due to the PCOS, it makes it harder to lose weight. I have the kids so i cant just go to the gym. Its not that easy.
    Ive started the Optislim shakes and in a week with eating lesser portions of food and no junk still nothing has changed, it seems to be going up still.
    Gives me the s***s!
    I just wanna be normal.

    I have had some blood streaks a week ago and nothing came of it. Thought it might have been implantation bleeding. Tested yesterday and nothing.
    I have got some more bleeding today so that would be really good if it comes back by itself.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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