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    Hi! i just want to ask, can i get pregnant even though i’m still a virgin? But my vagina has a contact already with a penis but it did not enter there. I swear it didn’t because i haven’t felt pain and there is no blood occured that time. I’ve asked some of my friends about this and they say that i’m not pregnant because there is no penis entered my vagina.. I’m just worried because i’m 1 week delayed of my menstruation period. I’ve got a spot more than 1 week ago.. It lasted for 2 days. Am i just paranoid or what? I’ll wait for an answer… Thanks!


    Hey there my name is Meagan and I help out on here…I saw your post and I really wanted to share with you…You have something very valuable right now, you can never get it back once you give it a way, once you loose it you will feel like you have lost your worth, once you feel as though you have lost your worth then you won’t mind doing what you did to loose it when ever it is asked of you, soon you will get stuck in a horrible cycle….I know because I have been stuck in it…this thing you have that many other young girls are giving away every day is your VIRGINITY….nowadays people out in the world like to make virgins feel like geeks, or unwanted by guys, or the odd ones out….the reason they do that is because deep inside they are envious of the virgin they pick on….why???…because he/she has something they don’t….what happens with those kind of people…when they get what they want…they don’t take care of it or they don’t want it anymore….right???…right now you are playing with fire honey… a very hot and dangerous fire…it will light your heart up so hot, it might even feel good and passionate and the flames will look romantic and sexy…but…after those flames are gone and you have given your virginity away there will be ashes….your heart will be crumbled…this guy you are fooling around with doesn’t respect you the way you deserve to be….all it takes is for him to go against what you want for a split second….Years ago I was in a similar situation…I was not a virgin anymore at this point but I was still new at the whole sex thing…I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have sex with this guy but we were fooling around….he kept getting really close and finally he put it inside of me without my permission.." He wasn’t raping me" I thought….after all we were fooling around with no clothes on and it just slipped and he kept going right??? WRONG…only after all these heartbroken years of being used and being stuck in the cycle have I realized that what he did was rape me…it wasn’t violent and it didn’t hurt but I told him NO and he didn’t listen..what you say about not having any blood or pain concerns me…I didn’t bleed or have pain when I lost my virginity….make sure that this guy is not putting it in just a little bit and telling you differently…ok…even if one sperm makes it safely inside of you you can get pregnant….my advise to you would be to talk to your mom…no matter how your relationship is…if you tell her that you are still a virgin (if this guy has lied to you, you may not be) but that you have fooled around and that you are sorry and that you are scared then she should kick into protective mom mode and love you and take care of you and help you find out….please don’t play with this kind of fire…it is sooooo dangerous…I was sexually active for 10 years and had two kids from two dads on my own before I made the choice to choose abstinence….that means to abstain from sexual activity….that does not just mean penetration…it means don’t take your clothes off, don’t stick your hands underneath clothing, it means don’t remove enough clothing to not break those other two rules…you will never regret being abstinent…I was abstinent for 3 1/2 years before my wedding night…I was not a virgin anymore but to my husband I was…we were not together before marriage and it made for a wonderful wedding night and I truly believe our marriage is stronger than it would be if we had not waited….I feel no guilt or shame when I am with my husband, I don’t feel it needs to be a secret from anyone, we are married it is an obvious thing that we have sex…but for you ….don’t enter into the cycle that will tear you down and leave you empty…wait until you are married and give your husband the gift that most people don’t anymore…your virginity…you will never have to worry about pregnancy or STD’s…I hope that my story will help you to make better choices than I did, sex before marriage is really not worth it…and it is not cool…I am here if you ever want to talk…Love Meg


    welllll girl there are lots of girls that dont feel pain when they lose there virginity and lots of girls who dont bleed (like me for example) I am not a doctor or an expert on these things but i sure do know that once that penis has entered and IF he came in you there is a BIIIG possibility that you can get pregnant.You did have sex wether he ‘popped your cherry’ or not


    hi there ms. meagan! jst wana say thank u for answering my question and for the story u’ve shared.. nice advice… uve really spent time for this.. Thank u so much 4 dat! But i don’t think we’re having the same case… I’m pretty sure about that.. jst cant tell you my story… we’re not fooling with each other.. i swear.. by the way, i just went to consult a doctor last wik, and it’s confirmed… i’m not pregnant. but i still, i wish to take another test just to be sure.. Thanks again…

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