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    i am 6 weeks pregnant.i often get a stabbing pain in either this normal

    Ashley F

    Some pain is common, as long as it isn’t persistent. Is it anything like your normal cramping? 6 weeks seems a little premature for round ligament pain (mostly on either side of the stomach where the abdomen begins to strengthen & stretch to accommodate the growing uterus).

    Many times it’s something harmless like constipation (very common among pregnant women), gas/bloating, perhaps a urinary tract infection (definitely something to get looked at.

    If it persists, please get it checked out! Which often times it’s just our mommy tendency to worry, it can also be something more serious such as ectopic pregnancy (where the egg plants somewhere other than the uterus, i.e. the fallopian tube: very dangerous to you if left untreated!) or miscarriage :(.

    As long as it doesn’t persist, I would say you’re fine. We’re allowed to take tylenol, so you may want to try that. But please get yourself to a doctor if it keeps on :).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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