Painful on my right side of my abdomen.

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    Good day to everyboday i am first time here.
    I am painful on my lift side of my abdomen down to my blooder 2 days ago.
    It is normal to a woman? Incase i am pregnant? I dont know by now if it is symptoms of pregnancy. I will have my cycle again on Sept. 29.
    I dont consult the dr. yet. hope you can have time to advice me. Also during my first mens. Its very hard for me bec. i get very painful blooder and blute or more air inside. What is the cause of this and how to solve this problem.




    it ould be a cist on an ovary i hav one they arent dangerous tho so dont worry

    Sadie Wisdom

    hiya please go to a doctor, if it is on the right, it could be appendicitis, but believe me you would know about that lol if it is on the left it could be a cyst so go docs and get it sorted, quick! sadie x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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