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    🙁 🙁 i am so so so so sad. i should be happy but im not. i took two tests last weekend and they were negative and one today and it was negative. if they are negative and im not preggers than why do i feel like this. and apparently i have lke this hard spot like a ball in my "private area" dont ask how i know that and no i dont go diggin up there but i do and i dont know what it means. im so scared and nervous and no clue whats going on. i hvae no way to get to the doctor because my mparents would have to bring me and doing that would risk the chance of them knowing what i do with my boyfriend. im just really hurt right now. and i needed to vent a little. if anyone knows anything or something idk just reply i guess. thanks.

    Bailey Philpott

    Awww..Im sorry!! It could just take time! My boyfriend and I weren’t planning this..but I think we were having sex for 3 months almost everyday before I became prego! Good luck!!

    Taryn Walsh

    Ok where exactly is the hard spot located (inner or outer vagina)? If it’s on the outside it could be anything from and ingrown hair to vaginal warts. If it’s on the inside it could be a cyst. I don’t know but I always think that when it comes to that stuff it’s best to get checked out. Do you have an aunt or friend that could take you? I’m pretty sure if your parents took you the doctor has to be discreet and cant discuss things with them. You could even say you think you might have a yeast infection or something of the sort (which isn’t caused by having sex but would still get you a gynocologist appointment).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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