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    So i had a dream the other night that i gave birth to a little girl and i was just holding her and feeding her but then i accidently left her in a car. it was weird it was so sweet but then it turned into a nightmare. i dont know what to make of it but it made me nervous. but also a little excited for when i get to have a baby (except the leaving her in the car part) because i remember feeling wonderful in my dream when i was holding her. its the best feeling i have had in a while and it was only a dream.

    now as im writing this i think i realize why i may have had the dream. i had an abortion a year and a half ago and it might be the guilt coming out. i wonder if it was girl. i cant believe what i did.


    It’s amazing how dreams can affect us, isn’t it?
    By the way, I remember a few months ago you thought that you might be pregnant, did you ever find out if you were or not?


    no just another mental repercussion of my mistakes that will forever drive me crazy. but thanks for asking..


    try not to let your bad dreams get to you.
    I’ve had some nasty ones lately but nothing about babies.
    Leaves me feeling horrible but i try to forget about them.
    hopefully you’ll be preggers soon.


    You have the heart of a great woman. That heart will become the heart of a Great Mother, one day.


    Don’t let guilt get to you… because that’s all dreams are. Recreations of our concerns and guilty conciences.

    Please forgive yourself… you need to for your child and future children. Your baby is in heaven now- safe, warm, and happy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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