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    princess Angela

    Hey girls,
    Havent been on here in AGESA missed ya heaps i have a qustion i took a test today anyways it is positive but very faint you can only just see it? has any one had this before ?

    Im over the moon specially since its been over 8months since my abortion now.
    I just wanted to check and see if you thinks its positive?

    Love Angela xoxox


    hi im not sure hun, i wud say wait a few more days or a week or so n take anova 1.

    im sorry abt ur abortion 🙁 i had 1 recently n im startin 2 regret it badly 🙁


    even if it is a very faint line, it still means its positive.. it should say something about that in the directions of the test :]


    even a faint line means post congrats i think your preg go to doc though thats the best way to see everything n all.sorry about your abortion hugs to you


    you cant produce the pregnancy hormone unless you are pregnant and that hormone is the only thing a test tests for. even a faint line is a real line. you shouldnt take a test before a missed period though because readings are confusing so if you arent late yet then take another test later. the only way to be sure if you are is to have a blood test done. good luck!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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