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    so i have a 30 day cycle and my period is due the 11th

    but today when i went pee i wiped and there was just a tiny tiny bit of pink…

    all my dates match up and im really nervous.

    oh and i was "supposedly" ovulating on the 28th.

    now (3 weeks later) im bleeding and my period isnt due for 8 days.

    so my question is just about implantation bleeding and yaaaaa i dont really know i guess im just really scared and nervous


    do a test is about ur only option… How did the bleeding go.
    With my first i had 3dys of implantation bleeding. i thought it was very weird to only bleed for 3dys when i usually did for 7dys so that was a sign for me


    well the timing is right for implantation bleeding its normally light pink or maybe brown and comes around 5-8 days before your next period

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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