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    So I was supposed to get my period yesterday.
    It didn’t come.
    I’ve gained 7 pounds in the past two weeks. I’m a tiny girl with a super fast metabolisim. I’ve never gained that much weight at once. EVER.
    My boobs feel like I got punched repeatedly in them. At first i thought it was the fact that I had gotten my nipples pierced, and maybe my body was adjusting to them before I got my period. My boobs have never ever been this sore. EVER. And it;s my boobs, not my nipples.
    I sleep all the effing time. I havent slept this much in two years.

    . . . I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant. I’m waiting till I’m a week late to take a test.
    . . . And I’m terrified.


    Well I have never had my nipples pierced but I had my belly button before, I know that the pain was not only on my belly button but traveled across my tummy like a nerve was hit…I know from having children though that one of the most common symptoms is breast tenderness and pain, the feeling of being punched in the breast is painful and very similar to how it can feel in early pregnancy…with all the symptoms you could possibly be pregnant…the reason why your breasts hurt in early pregnancy is that your hormones are rapidly going up and up, this causes the tissue in your breasts to change and cells to multiply to get ready for your breasts to produce milk…did you know that studies show that some women end up with breast cancer as a result of abortion, it is because their breasts begin to develop these cells and then the pregnancy is ended and the cells are left in a limbo state, towards the end of pregnancy another set of hormones is released to change gears in your breast tissue and if the baby was aborted then your body will not naturally release those hormones to release your breast tissue from that limbo state…I just wanted to share that info with you because you sound like you are really scared of being pregnant…I was too when I found out with my first…here is a number to Optionline 1-800-395-HELP, it is a place where you can call to get the number and location of the closest pregnancy center to you where you can get a free test and it will be 100% confidential, there will also be someone to counsel you to find out what options are best for your circumstances if you are pregnant..just remember that we are all here for you, slow down and take a deep breath, start thinking about what you will do if you are pregnant and make sure you investigate all your options and educate yourself on the pros and cons of all of them, some things seem like a quick fix but may have long term effects that are not worth the momentary relief, and other things may seem frightening at first but after you have time to process and learn and find resources you will be thankful that you made that choice…You are not alone and even if you turn out to be pregnant there are so many programs out there to help…email me if you feel up to talking or asking more questions, meg@standupgirl.com ,I just hope you know that things will be ok whether you are pregnant or not, babies can be blessings in disguise….Love Meg…ps please let us all know when you find out…


    I hope all goes well:]


    Dude I thought a little while ago you said you were getting pregnant and getting an abortion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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