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    Okay, I had not had sex in almost a yr, then I had unprotected sex on what I found out later happened to be the beginning of my fertile period. My period should’ve been here Friday, no question in my mind. I have a 28-day cycle that worked like clockwork for the last 3 years or so. Before that, I was irregular. I don’t know if I should be concerned, because I am overweight, and I know that can lead to irregualr periods, but I’m not any bigger than I was on my last period (which came exactly when it was supposed to). The guy I had sex with asked me for the first time ever (which is over 5 years) when my fertile time was, which struck me as odd, because usually I can tell if he ejaculates in me, and I didn’t feel anything-and because he never asked before. However, I noticed that he’s started producing a lot of pre-ejaculatory fluid, which was never a problem until recently. Now I’m so confused. First of all, I had a bowl of rice last week and it gave me diarrhea (that’s never happened before, plus don’t starches normally constipate?), and I’ve had diarrhea pretty much everyday since then-once when I hadn’t eaten anything. I had a chocolate candy bar that gave me heartburn, but 2 hours later I wolfed down a double cheeseburger platter with no problem. I feel borderline nauseous at various points, and I have indigestion (a fajita I had 4 hrs. ago feels like it’s just lodged in my throat, and it won’t move). I’m having cramps, but mainly on one side and in a different location and different type of pain-sometimes it gets centered in the middle of my belly, which I don’t recall happening before. Last week, I had the most terrible headaches everyday-they’re still here, but not as bad. Also, last week and the week before that, everything made me cry. I was watching MTV, and I just burst into tears, but the crying only lasted for 2-minute spells. Even, I can’t explain that. I usually have a crying spell a couple of days before my period, but it lasts for about 30-min. and it only happens once. Plus, if it were PMS, my period would’ve been here by now. I don’t know if any of these are symptoms or not. Please help!



    First thing I would tell you to do is go to the doctor.!!! You only get one body so take care of it no matter what someone says to you, and if your going to have unprotected sex limit it to one partner. I am not a doctor but it seems like u could have a Unrinary Tract Infection it seems as if you have all the smyptoms but please go to the doctor so u can stop worrying. :ohmy:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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