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    this is the firt time i have done this, so please help!
    i had my period feb. 14 it lasted 7 days and then on the 14 of march but for only one day. my breasts are sooooo sore, and i have headaches all the time now and heartburn too. could i be pregnant?


    The best is, you go and buy a test. I did only take seconds until I saw the little cross (pregnant), when I made the test in the morning.
    I had heartburn at night and cramps like my period starts soon. It woke me up, it was that bad.
    My breast got more sensitive and I run the toilet more often….


    It can happen that you are pregnant and still have a bleeding like you said.
    But it is really the best to make a test and to go to the doctor to be really sure!!!
    I often had bleedings only for one day and was not pregnant.


    I’m 22weeks pregnant and from what I’ve experiened heartburn doesn’t normally set in until the baby is big enough to interupt that area where heartburn occurs also the first few weeks from conception are when you breats are sorest, take a test . ..


    that might be a possibility….. you might want to get yourself a pregnancy test, just to be sure… if you dont want to get one of the home pregnancy tests then make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible okay


    You should take a pregnancy test…go to a pregnancy recourse center they are free and if you are preg they will have someone you can talk to 🙂 let us know how it turns out….Meg


    ok well i took a test and i came back NEG…. right now i am thinking thats a good thing, but i still feel really wierd. when should i retest??????


    what did the period look liek because i had one after i got preg for about 2 days, very stretched out and spotty, and it was pink. my boobs were sore too. good luck. try taking a test in a week or more because i waited a week and it was positive. i didnt want to take it too soon so that it wasnt a false negative. good luck and feel free to ask me anything. im not an expert, but i can be supportive 🙂


    Well this is what I would do if I were you… I would buy one of those 2 pack pregnancy tests and take one now. It seems very abnormal that your March period only lasted a day and so if we go by the February period, it would show up on a test if you are pregnant or not. If it shows negative, then wait until you expect your next period and see if it comes. If it does not, take the other test and make an appointment to see your doc. Sometimes our periods just become irregular if we are stressed or have changed our excercise routine. Hope this helps, Lady 🙂


    i got my period for a day a month into my pregnancy too. it was weird. but it can happen. and the baby is healthy still, it was just a loto f spotting and cramping.


    Hi! I’m new here. well my story is that my last period was feb 10 and then next period is expected march 15th. i have a 33 day cycle. I had some spotting for 2 days march 7 & 8 and on the 9th i’ve got some slightly heavy one overnight only and completely stopped. I talked to my OBGYN and she told me to have blood test done end of the month. This week, i had some spotting again. i’ve read about this condition wherein pregnant women bleed even if they are pregnant. i still have to have tests doen, since, i haven’t tested yet. i have syptoms, like my breasts are getting bigger, tiredness and cramping also irritable and moody. do you think i am pregant? did anyone have the same condition before and found out that yu ar indeed pregnant? thanks!


    The headache COULD be a sign and also your breasts that are sore, but I am possitive that the heartburn will only really kick in once little one is getting real big. But then again, not everybody experiences exactly the same symptomes…Best bet is to get a hpt asap!! Good luck!!


    Thanks so much! I will have an appointment tomorrow. Please pray for me and pray that i am indeed preggers.

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