New Beginning!!

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      Well ladies…Ive started to move on since my end of my 1yr & 6 months relationship who I thought was the love of my life…I almost had 2 of his children…[miscarriages]…and I jus didnt know how to let it go.

      But I woke up one morning and said "Tiffany you’re young beautiful & he isnt worth your tears" from that day Ive been soooo sooo happy!!! I dont cry about it anymore. Ive even found someone else who makes me even happier & I never thought Id be happy again.

      Although I do think about my EX and what he is doing and if he is thinking about me…but I choose not to think about that & keep my mind busy because every second I spend with free time on my mind & nothing to do I thin of him.
      But I just have to let it go…and I have….maybe not completely…but I’m doing pretty good!:P

      Thanx to Krystel, Shana, and Nicki on this site…I dont think I’d be able to do it without you guys!!!B) Thanks girls!

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