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    Hey gurls im new here an i jus wanted to vent. On monday april 16 im goib to take my blood test to see if im pregnant once an for all. Im only 19 an im in tha navy, as of right now i dont have a car an im on probation so being preg right now would not be too good. :dry:
    I dont really feel pregnat an every symptom i think im having i can come up with a really good reason other than pregnancy for having it. Mainly ive been tired, really hungry, peeing more than usual an i gained about 3lbs, not to mention my period is 5 days late. I know 5 days is not alot but last month my period only came on for 3 days an it was lighter than usual. Also for tha past week i have been having this feelin that there is a fishy swimming around in my stomach an it feels really weird.
    I took 4 pregnancy tests over tha last 2 months an they all said negative, but then i here tha place tha i bought them from is known fro selling expired tests so now im confused :S I kinda wanted to wait to take tha blood test cuz i dont feel like im prepaired to kno, but tha navy is makin me do it monday.
    Im really nervous an i kinda jus want a few opinions an advice. THANKS


    all i gotta say is goodluck xxx


    Don’t be nervous. A blood test will definately let you know either way. Are you trying to get pregnant??? I hope everything works out for you. We are not given anything we cannot handle..Much Luck…


    Good luck (whichever results you want) and thank goodness for the military health benefits. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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