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      Omg Iswaggalicious!!! This is so graphic, but it really does hit home. Such a powerful post. It had me in tears. I really hope that it gets through to someone who desperately needs to hear this. *thumbs up to you*


        Thank you =]… That was my point for it to be graphic aka real. Sugar coating abortion is not good in my opinion people need to know the truth about it and how it affected people who have some experience with it. That post also hit me but its true. BTW my name is klaudia I made up iswaggaliciious when I had a “Brain freeze”. lol


          OMG! the truth was revealed..


            I know a lot of women who got a abortion and now they resent their decision and they feel horrible about them self. Well at this point there is nothing they can do. So I just encourage them to tell their experience to others maybe it will get through some people. If most women who get abortion feel horrible after, then why other women want to put them self through that?…


              Many years after my abortion, I can’t find anything positive to say. I wan’t warned about the devestating post-partum depression. Your hormones are all going in one direction and the suddenly BAM it’s like your body was in a car accident. To say nothing of guilt. It was years before I could even look at a pregnant woman. I was afraid of people’s babies. There are a lot of negative emotional and spiritual after effects. If I could get in a time machine and wake up the morning of my appointment, I would stay home!


                well, its true….. there is nothing pretty or easy about abortion. I dont understand how someone can be so stubborn if there are so many people sharing their experiences and pain and you just walk all over it…. Honestly, had I known what I was letting myself in for, I would have made different choices.
                Klaudia, how is the pregnancy going? Have you found out the baby’s gender yet?


                  well in my point of you i cant give u any positive abortion advice…why would wanna kill an innocent life…? well hope you make the right choice…


                    ty for asking eve and im 3 days overdue [my due date was 3/18] and might be in labor now lol


                      lol omg!!!!!! well whatever happens, good luck 🙂 hope your labour goes smoothly and that your little man is healthy.
                      Holding thumbs for you.


                        ugh., i just really don’t understand people who wants to have an abortion., and looking for someone who can tolerate their wrong thoughts.., they actually do not believed and do not listen to people who’ve gone their., (people who got an abortion)., you know what? this people were telling you this things because they care so much about you., they do not want you to experience those terrible feelings they had., after the abortion,., they don’t want you to have anything to regret like they had been., i myself personally never experience to have an abortion and things that I’ve read here from people who had an abortion., it kills me., i am afraid to experience everything they’ve had.,, coz i myself can’t handle it., but if we can’t stop from your choice., but i hope not to see you depressed about anything you’ve done., i hope not to see you regretting what you’ve done., just always remember that we reminded you and it was your choice., all we know that we’ve tried to convinced you., but you never listened., so everything is up to you now..


                          honey when people have had bad experiences with an abortion then its better to get a well rounded opinion, and most people can’t give positive advice. Its not a positive thing. Its killing a baby to be put in a very straight forward sense, and that affects even the hardest of people. Your body has hormones and chemicals in your that bind you to that child and when you end that abruptly your body doesn’t take it well. I’ve never heard someone say that’s the best thing I’ve ever done! There’s a lot of pain to that choice. I pray you definitely look into abortion procedure facts, risks, and also maybe even watch one being done online. You should do that with any medical procedure that you have. If you knew someone was going to walk out in front of a car and didn’t know then you would call out to them to warn them and help them. The same with someone who has had experiences with abortions that are going through pain and they don’t want you to hurt either. It’s not to hurt you or be mean to you and those that may say it in such a way that has zero grace to their tone need to calm down a bit and understand when someone’s in a crisis they panic and try and get out of it anyway they can. That’s the purpose of abortion! Its a supposed quick fix to a problem with a very long life of hurt. When people talk to you they need to do it in a tactful, kind way, but still speak truth. I pray you make a very well thought out and educated decision. Understand if you follow through with the abortion and have problems and after effects that become too much try and find a pregnancy center near you that offers a post abortion counseling. Do not go to a psychiatrist, go to the pregnancy center because they deal with more of that issue well and psychiatrists don’t handle that as effectively. I wish you the best sweetie!!!


                            I had an abortion myself two and a half years ago. The first year is not easy. You will get through this. The feeling of wanting to die. The wishing that you would… will go away. Just know that you still have a life to live. You owe it to your baby to live your life to its fullest. You cannot take back your mistake but rather move on from it. Move in a positive direction. Do not dwell on the past but focus on the future. Stop beating yourself up, you deserve more than that. You deserve a second chance so take it and run with it.

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