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    okay i hav been trying for 14 months now and havent conceived but this month my nipple is darker than normal im peaing constantly,im gaining weight i barely hit my breast or hubby barely touches and i scream getting more headaches and backaches period due in 6 days scared acuse i rally want a baby
    please help me
    brandi campbell


    Well Brandi, if you and your husband have been trying for a baby and you are having some symptoms then there is a chance that you could be pregnant…..have you taken any tests yet??? Some HPT’s are sensitive up to like 4-5 days before you are supposed to start your period. Just try not to stress out….if you stress too much it might cause a miss carriage and you will never know if you were pregnant or not….also if you think about it too much then your mind will start playing games with your body and make you think that you are pregnant…..wait a few days and take a test….if you are late and the test says negative then get a blood test….there is always the option of you and your husband going to the doctor to see if they can give you advise on conceiveing….I hope you find out soon….Meg

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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