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    im in some need of new help

    im 15Iv jus recently been involved in a court case. beucase i was getting raped and in a reletionship with a pedophile. well iv been offered money for being a victim. He got 6 years for having sex with me and s few other minors. I dont know wehter or not to tkae the money becasue it feels like blood money can you help, i could minium of 3,000 maxium of 30 00 what do you think i should do any comments asap


    I say dont take the money….by doing that it is saying…."my innocence, emotions, and sence of well being can be bought" sure the money would be nice but it sends a bad message to those out there with bad intentions….it will tell all the other pedifiles out there that they can bribe with money those who they victemize…send him to jail and and make an example of him….Meg


    Do you mean the money is being offered as compensation?if it is,take it.If,however,he is trying to bribe you to drop the claims,just send his sorry ass to jail


    this is ti meg not you…………….HELLO! she already said that he’s going to jail!
    ok now this is to u, do what u think is right….


    I am sorry that you went through such a thing and its sad to think that many more people especially children will be victimized in such a way .Is he going to jail? He should go to jail but I think he shoul go to jail longer and be forced to pay because of what he did.If he went to jail and had to pay not just 30000 either he needs to pay more and the money wouldnt have to be used by the victims it could be given to a nonprofit organization that helps people who went through the same thing you did.If he is going to jail then you should take the money but I think money instead of jail for the crime he commited is wrong.


    yer the money is been gived as compensation


    I would say take it. He took so much from you you deserve something back. Ive been in a similar situation but I never took him to court which I still regret. Im really proud of you for putting him where he belongs.


    This is not a new thing to the justice system. I am a transcriptionist for medicolegal compensation lawsuits. This is very normal and nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about. As I told you in your other thread, this money is to be used to help you get your life in order after what was done to you. This could include your seeking counseling/therapy, putting away the money to help you in school, or however you see fit to use it to make your life easier after being victimized. This is not money paid to you by him as if he would pay for services, but rather the courts are awarding it to you as emotional/physical damages so to speak. My personal opinion is to take the money and do something wonderful with it, preferably getting counseling if you feel you need it, and putting the rest away or investing it and let it grow to help you in the future.

    What have you been advised to do by your parents, pastor, or other adults who care about you? I’m not trying to put anyone down, so please don’t take this wrong, but you need to seek the advice of those adults rather than us. We aren’t closely enough in tune with the whole case to give thorough opinions. You also don’t want to do anything you’ll regret ten years from now based on what we tell you. I say go with your gut (Are you taking it as it’s offered, as recompense for a wrong done to you?) or do you FEEL dirty by taking it? Also, base your decision on the advice of those you trust and who know the details of the case.

    One thing to consider is if you take it and later feel bad about it, you can always donate it to a rape crisis center or similar cause. If you turn it down now, there is no changing your mind later.


    i would take it then

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