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    Hey I’m new to this site so I thought I should tell people bout why I’m here. First off I’m Marrisa I’m 15 ( I turn 16 in July) & I am 34 weeks with a baby girl. The baby’s dad is not in the picture I saw him a couple months ago, & since then no contact with him at all. I really don’t think he wants to be in the baby’s life. He wasn’t my boyfriend when I got pregnant, we were both at a party we both got drunk, had sex a couple months later I found out I was pregnant. My parents were VERY mad when I told them, I was supposed to be the good girl in the family, I played soccer, I get straight A’s & B’s, I was supposed to go to college ( wich I still plan to). My mom’s gotten used to the idea, my dad not so much. I’m very exited, I can’t wait to meet her ( only a few more weeks!). I’m getting pretty impatent!
    So what’s everybody elses story? And really stupid question but what all did you bring to the hospital when you went into labor? I’m scared I’m going to overpack, I do that a lot haha.


    Hi Marrisa! Welcome to the board. Sounds like your parents are very supportive. How lucky you are. You didn’t mention future plans. Have you been able to attend school during the pregnancy? Are your parents going to help raise the baby?
    As for packing-leave the beauty supplies at home. You may wish to take chapstick. Lotion is always good but the hospital should have some. If you’re nursing take two open front gowns. A good choice are house gowns that snap in the front. Sometimes the rooms are a little cold so take a sweater or long sleeve to slip on. Don’t take anything for yourself that you are concerned about soiling. It’s going to happen.
    My best to you and baby.


    Yeap I’m still going to school, it just let out though thank God :laugh:. Thanks for the packing tips, I’m plaining to nurse, hopfully that works out. My mom is going to help, my dad I’m not sure ( my parents are divorced). My dad’s still mad at me, I was supposed to be the "good" child, so I think his still in shock, hopfully when I have the baby he will come around.


    HIyah congrats on ur lil girl i got pregnant of a 1 nyt stand to but luckily her dad is in her lyf he dint wna b at first now i teyk her to c him a few tyms a week my lil girl is 5 weeks on thursdai dnt worry you wont over pack and it dunt mata if u du gd luk xxx


    I have to say congrats to you and proud that you have decided to have your little bub.
    Its good to see that your mum is there for you.
    Maybe your dad will take time to adjust.
    So dont stress about that.

    Good luck wit the birth if we dont see you around til then

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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