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    [b][color=#FF0000]hi there every1

    i’m new to this so i’m reading around…:blush: but my reason for being here is the following

    i’m completely paranoid about being pregnant all of the time…:huh: but 2day i was driving the taxi and the driver asked me how far along i am…..obviously he thought i was pregnant…..i had my period about 2 weeks ago…:ohmy: and yes i did have sex after that,:whistle: but i just can’t aford to be pregnant now..however i was going through the symptoms on the site and i can’t remember whether or not i have had them…:unsure: i’m 23 and still want to enjoy my life without having a baby right now….honestly i don’t feel i’m ready to be a mum…. [/color][/b]

    Yashira Cartagena

    [color=#0000FF]i think u should just take a test and take the doubts out of ur mind…people were asking me if i was pregnant too and that made me even more paranoid than what i already was…but if the test comes back negative just wait till ur next period if u dont get it then take another test but if u dont feel ur ready to be a mommy than try using protection..have u read some of the stories of other girl here alot younger than u they werent ready to be moms but they made it and there happy with there baby even though they werent in the situation to have a baby because there still babys themselves but they made it through…


    Ann davis

    Hi i just wanted to say before you started freaking out take a pregnancy test and then if you are pregneat maybe you should considere open adoption that way your baby could have a good home and you could know where he/she is .i hope this helped

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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