My Daughter’s Father is a MONSTER!

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    We didnt plan to get pregnant. we had talked about using condoms but just didn’t. so we didnt prevent it but weren’t planning it either. anyway, i got pregnant. I had our first child for both of us. i had a girl.

    he hasn’t been around at all. he lies to me about where he lives so i won’t file for child support and only talks to me to tell me he still has sexual feelings towards me. everytime we talk i change the subject to being about our daughter because that’s what matters most!

    well here’s where i really get upset.
    Last time we talked he decided to text me being a perv. i ignored the msgs. we no longer live in the same state so i dont have to worry about seeing him or getting random visits from him. well since i didnt answer he called me. i answered because i decided it would be a good way to communicate about how our daughter had been doing. well he didnt like that topic. and told me the following, and this is word for word:

    “i made a promise to myself that if i ever had a daughter i would push her out of a second story window!”.

    and then proceded to laugh afterwards as if it was just so funny!

    i talked to a cop i know and he said i can’t do a thing about him saying that even though i’m scared for my daughter. he wants to see her in november and after that i’m completely against it. but i have no right to keep him from her, as the cop told me! im so sick to my stomach over this!

    when i express my anger or fear to others they act as if it’s no big deal. well it might not matter to them but it does to me!!

    Im sorry guys, just had to vent!

    i didn’t know he was like this. and i guess thats my fault. i should have figured this all out before having a child with him. but after a year i figured i knew what i needed to. but i was dead wrong!!


    I’m so sad to hear all this, and I would be afraid and upset as well if this all was happening with me. I’m here to listen if you need to vent more. -Praying for your situation.


    If you feel, he can be dangerous, you should complain about him in Police or try to get a restraining order.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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