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    melanie horn

    My baby moves so much! It alsmost makes me nauseated. is that normal? i thnk its just the fact that something inside me is moving around all the time. kind of makes me feel light headed…:(

    Christina Cimino

    you shouldnt worry about it. i felt the same way when my daughter first kicked but then i was like hey this is my baby letting me know its there and it loves me

    Sarah Hoenig

    dont even worry about stuff like that, my babygirl moves around a whole bunch too. Sometimes I get sick to my stomach cause it’s like she’s kicking it, the doc says that’s what it is. Just be happy your able to have that wonderful experience!

    Meagan Weber

    I loved feeling my babies kick. My favorite was when they stick a hand or foot way out and move it accross your belly 🙂 Its like a big bump that moves around 🙂 Be glad that you have a healthy active baby inside you!!!! Its when they stop moving that you should be concerned…….Meg

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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