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    catherine melendez

    im 10 weeks and i haventhad any morning sickness, i dont even feel like im pregnant. is there somethin wrong?:unsure:

    Kandi Williams

    no just be happy u dont have morning sickness…i only had it for a few days w my daughter and i thanked god everyday that i didnt have it…but w my son i was in pure misery. i was sick all the time!you should feel lucky

    Bailey Philpott

    Im 28 weeks along..and I never once had morning sickness! So you might be one of the ones that never has it either! I never felt like I was pregnant in the beginning, until I got to hear his heartbeat! And then at about 17 weeks he started kicking!! Good luck with everything!!

    Taryn Walsh

    No, I felt great when I was pregnant with my son. I never experienced morning sickness. Every pregnancy is different, just consider yourself lucky:P

    Brenda Simons

    there is nothing wrong…i didnt have morning sickness either. some girls get it and other don’t…feel lucky that u don’t have it!…..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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