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    Ok.. I have an other question, I was wondering what other moms thought, my fiance and me are trying to decide if we should breastfeed or bottle feed when our baby is born. Anything will help.. Thank you


    Brestfeeding is better for the baby but sometimes it doesnt work out.. i was only able to nurse my daughter for 3 mos b/c i had problems w yeast build up and thats painful…and only a wk w my son bc i was sore and uncomfortable..if u decide to brestfeed i hope u have better luck w it then i did…GOOD LUCK


    I’m due April 20th and will be breast-feeding as long as possible, as everything I’ve researched says blatantly it is most beneficial.

    If you decide to go this route I would tell the nurses to put a sign on where you baby sleeps/lays in the hospital nursery indicating he/she is breastfed, no pacifiers/bottle feeding until the baby has developed a strong suckle and is used to the breast! Some little ones have trouble ‘latching’ to the nipple, often you have to try different positions or even get nipple shields. I figure if this happens I will breast pump milk for her bottle.

    A few basic reasons I choose to breastfeed:

    Your body changes it’s milk nutrient to fit the growing child’s needs. Lactoferrin provides optimal absorption of iron and protects the gut from harmful bacteria; lipases assist in digestion of fats; and special growth factors and hormones contribute to optimal growth and development.

    Mothers milk/colostrum is the baby’s first building of immune system. Artificially fed babies have higher rates of middle ear infections, pneumonia, and cases of gastroenteritis (stomach flu) and breastfed babies generally mount a more effective response to childhood immunizations. Especially important if the baby is premature!

    Skin to skin contact with your infant, this breast-feeding bond soothes and makes an automatic deep emotional impact on your infant. Where better than hearing Mommy’s heart and feeling her breathe!

    A lot of times it helps you DROP THAT BABY WEIGHT! Not going through total engorgement of the breasts after birth is a plus too…I hear it’s mighty painful. Breast-feeding helps the uterus contract back, seriously lessening Mother’s risk of postpartum hemorrhage.

    Just do your research, it will help you decide for yourself. :laugh:


    well its alot easier to just pull your shirt down and feed the baby (ANYWHERE) then it is to, clean a bottle, find drinking water, warm the water, add the formula, and clean it up when the bottle spills… i breast fed for three months.. and i wish so bad that i had continued… because of those reasons, and because you dont have to worry about giving the baby too much fat, too much iron (that constipates them) so on and such forth.. i mean its up to the mom, and the dad… but i say you give it a shot, the first couple weeks can be challenging.. but i beleive its worth it.. hope i helped.. cause i thought i would breast feed the whole way,, but my body decided to stop producing milk cause of the pill i was on.. even tho it was supost to be okay with breast feeding… good luck!


    well breast feeding burns 3,000 calories a day thats 1,000 more than the average.. so youll lose your baby fat breast feeding… then breast feeding helps your baby get healthier, adn it helps more with eyes, and the brain… etc etc… btu when you breast feed its harder for you with work wise, and fun wise.. but you can store breast milk in a freezer for up to 6 months before it goes bad.. um never thaugh out breast milk in a microwave, it takes out the nutrients.. always thaugh it out in warm water (in a baggy)..


    Breastfeeding is best but you do what will suit you and dont let anyone make you feel bad if you do choose to bottle-feed. The other option so daddy can feed as well is expressing the milk into a bottle.
    The formula out now is very much like breastmilk anyway


    I’m definitely not guilt tripping about not breast feeding your baby, but thought I throw in a few corrections.

    Breast feeding only burns about 500-800 calories a day.

    And no matter how much technology has advanced, nature does breast milk better– there is no ‘almost like Mom’s milk.’ Our bodies change as our child grows, it will always contain at least 100 ingredients unattainable through formula supplementation. As you feed the milk is different at the beginning than at the end (there are more calories at the end of a feeding, so the baby feels full and is less likely to keep feeding until they spit up unlike formula), altering all the time to fit nutritional needs.

    Pros for the Breast:
    -Your body changes the composition as needed.
    -Breastfed babies are less likely to suffer from gas and spitting up.
    -No expiration date, contamination.
    -Babies are generally never allergic to Mom’s milk.
    -It’s a natural laxative.
    -Boosts the immune system, antibodies consumed every time at the nipple, thus less likely to get a multitude of sicknesses (and recover more quickly if they do)
    -Less chubby as the baby/your body knows when to stop feeding.
    -Suggested it slightly increases the childs IQ.
    -Stronger mouths, better teeth later on in life.
    -Quicker postpartum recovery.

    Pros for the Formula:
    -Longer satisfied baby due to needing longer to digest.
    -Easier to monitor intake.
    -More freedom for Parents.
    -Fewer demands if you’re already exhausted physically.
    -No pesky breastfeeding clothes.
    -Fewer dietary demands/restrictions


    Thank You for all your help and information.. It is very very Helpfull.
    Thank You again for everything…

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