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    The last time tha i had my period was april the 7th and now it is june the 8th and i have not had any signs of pregnancy and i took several tests but they came out negetive i don’t know if i took the test to early is it possible that i could be pregnant.

    Monica Rae

    if you are pregnant it would have shown up by now. My last period was april 21st and i took a test the second week os may, i think, and it showed up. Try testing again. THen go to your doctors, no matter what it says. If it’s negative again ask for a blood just to be sure. THen talk to your doctor about what my be causing this.
    Sometimes home pregnancy tests don’t always work. I work with a girl who missed her period and took three tests, all were negative. So she went to the doctors to find out what was going on. THey gave her a blood test. That came back positive. The following day she had a sonogram to determine how far along she was. Turns out she was THREE Months. Her son is now 2yr and she’s excepting another one in august!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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