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    I took another test today. The second line was still there. I want to be able to talk to my boy about it cause Im scared. I think I have a right to be. He just thinks its my fault and is all pissy. I just dont wanna deal with it alone. I wasnt gonna tell him till I was 100% positive but I just couldnt go thisalone anymore. I keep throwing up and then just wanting to sleep now too. My back iis hrting and I cant figure out why. Im just miserable.


    Oh I am so sorry 🙁 I know that it all seems scary. How far along do you think that you may be? Can you talk to you mother about it? I know that seems scary and for a little while she may be shocked and hurt for you (sometimes they express this by getting angry) but eventually she will be supportive. I know very few mothers who aren’t no matter how bad your relationship may seem with her. Or can you talk to a counselor at school? I think that talking to some one and having them just be factual can help. Even if he doesn’t want to be there for you, I promise that you can do it and you won’t be alone. It seemed overwelming to me at first also, but then your love for your baby gives you strength and you just do what you have to do to be a good mommy.
    Hang in there and let us know what happens.


    im sorry sweetheart! i hope you feel better but you should tell your boyfriend. because its both of yours and you shouldnt have to do this alone because a baby needs both parents! GOOD LUCK!


    im sorry sweetheart! i hope you feel better but you should tell your boyfriend. because its both of yours and you shouldnt have to do this alone because a baby needs both parents! GOOD LUCK!


    im sorry sweetheart! i hope you feel better but you should tell your boyfriend. because its both of yours and you shouldnt have to do this alone because a baby needs both parents! GOOD LUCK!


    i’ms rry u feel so bad, but it’s early pregnancy that makes u feel so bad and want to sleep all the time…when i was first pregnant i slept my whole weekends away and after i’d get home from school i’d go straight to sleep….


    go to the doc and get a bloodtest done, its quicker


    Hey Gurl!

    I kinda know what your going through…my first pregnancy my husband wanted nothing with it, he said it wasn’t his choice and that i conceived him! but you know what, it takes 2 to tango, and your bf is i guess still in a state of shock, give him a bit of time to come around. In your state you don’t need this, if your stressed or upset you’ll end up misscarring and trust me that’s no fun, so enjoy your pregnancy as best as you could, and confront your bf about how you feel and get him involved in the pregnancy, he’ll come around! So good luck & let us know how it goes!



    I hope you hear my heart behind this..I do sympathize with your situation…I went through two pregnancies alone but….stop thinking about what your bf will do or not do…you have had two positives…your pregnant and you are both reponsible for it!!! the only difference is that the baby is in your body not his..therefore you are the one with the most reponsibility for this little life that has been allowed to be conceived!!! If he is going to stay around and be a dad great (dont have sex with him again untill you are married and put him to the test!!) if he leaves then maybe your better off with out a guy like that as a father for your baby….go to the doctor and get prenatal care asap to make sure everything is fine adn make sure you talk to your mom…please communicate with her….if you play with fire your going to get burned and since you are pregnant you need to face the music….abortion will not "make it go away" and hiding your pregnancy will hurt you and baby that leaves one choice…..STAND UP and be a mom and start making healthier choices for your life (starting with abstinence untill marriage…I did it so can you) Please hear my heart behind this..I’m not picking on you or trying to be too harsh…it took someone giving me a wakeup call to turn me onto the right path…Let us all know how this turns out….Meg


    this is how i am feeling too. my boyfriend was just like this until a few days ago. he hated the idea, wanted me to get rid of it. but two night ago he started out of the blue asking me whos eyes he thought it would have, ears, nose feet, everything. it was so cute, and it made me happy to see after all we had been going through. we have been fighting a lot less because now he sees that we cant change it, we just need to deal with it the best way we can. he knows he needs to help me not be stressed out. hes been helpful with cleaning up my puke so i dont puke from seeing/smelling it, and he has been rubbing my back and tummy more lately. i thought he would never accept it and come around. for a week he didnt even touch me because he was so upset. so he’s come a long way, and your boy will too. if he doesnt then you are better off doing it yourself, considering it might be easier without all the fights and moodiness, which you will have enough of for the both of you!!! haha everyone told me i can do this whether he stays with me or not, so i think you can too. just give him time to come around to the fact. go to the doctor, it’ll help answer your questions. and they should be really nice, or else you need to go somewhere else. they were so good to me at the doctors when i went in to confirm i was preg. they all smiled so big, and congratulated me, and there was so much positive energy, and i really needed it considering how my bf was treating me. i am very scared still too. youre not alone with that. if you need to talk then you can talk to me anytime you need. good luck hun, take care


    Thankyou so much all of you. My bf is startig to come around and Im going in to the doctor tomorrow. Im really grateful for the support you guys have given me in the past week. Again thx and Ill let you guys know about the doctors tomorrow.


    Hey you lucky thing!!!!! Do you have ANY idea how lucky you are IF you are indeed expecting a little miracle???? This little person is then in your tummy now…nice and comfy! Already he/she loves you with his/her whole being – and this love will grow and grow and never stops.
    DONT expose yourself to unnecessary stress like dealing with a unwilling boyfriend right now. If he does not want to be part of it, or if he wants you to abort…tell him to go to h e l l. Then he does not deserve to be part of this miracle that is about to happen. There are many years to deal with him.
    Your parents might be dissapointed and she might express that via anger. Just stand up straight, keep your chin up and tell her (once u are sure) how it is. Just remember ONE thing ALWAYS – having a little baby growing UNDER YOUR HEART is not a shame…it is called a MIRACLE! Who ever does not want to be a possitive part of your little one, must be excluded to avoid negativity. You can raise a baby and STILL make a sucess of your life!!! Once that little girl/boy is born….everybody will dote on him/her and that little one will be spoiled rotten. He/she will have a wonderful life – with or without the father! :woohoo:

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