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    Kerry Atkinson

    I’m just wondering…
    I’m 32weeks and 2 days today with my second and im leaking milk already. It gets so bad that i have to empty them myself and i have plain white milk already.I understand the leaking now but WHITE milk coming through now???

    Meagan Weber

    Well no matter what DONT use a breast pump it could stimulate labor and you dont want to do that at 32 weeks. Every woman is different and your body just might be alittle ahead of everything else 🙂 I would talk to your doctor and wear breast pads LOL Let us know how it works out 🙂 ……Meg

    brittany carfaro

    people start lacktating at dfferent times. i started before my son was born too. my advice is to buy a breast pump it will help. hope this helps..

    Kerry Atkinson

    I definately wasn’t going to use any breast pumps as YES it can stimulate labour OR it could make the milk reproduce quicker and its bad enough already. I just empty out in the shower which seems to help. Thanks for the advice girls

    Sarah Hoenig

    I’m almost in the 35th week and haven’t had that yet, but my friend did, it’s normal, that’s what her doc said. Everyone’s bodies function differently, so i wouldn’t worry about it. Even though it might bug the heck out of you, it’s not a bad thing.

    Destiney M.

    i started leaking the costrum around 16 weeks along… i am now 26 weeks along and still leaking the costrum it hasnt turned into milk but those things happen.. its normal

    gina lynn
    gina corbo

    i think even emptying out by hand in the shower could stimulate labor. if i was you i would just use nursing pads in your bra. emptying it out will just make it keep being produced more so it will just keep leaking. just use nursing pads.

    Ava Taj

    I started lactating when I was 22 weeks along, and LOTS. My shirt was wet. What you can do is wear your bra a lil tighter, or use cold compressors. It helps lessen the milk, and it doesnt matter that its white right now. Mine was also white but when my baby was born prematurely, it was yellow and lots. Good luck

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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