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    :laugh: Hi everyone, I haven’t posted yet, but I’m Jade, 18, a freshman at MTSU. I’m moving back home next semester, because I’ll be having my baby in February. I hope to continue school with online classes or at the local community college. I’m not with the father, he’s too immature to be a dad! I haven’t even told him… I’m not too worried about being a single mom, my parents got divorced when I was little, and my mom just got remarried last month, so the single parent thing is fine with me. The only problem I have is… telling my dad I’m pregnant! I’m around 20 weeks, and I don’t know how to tell him. My mom knows, of course, but my dad lives in Indiana (I’m in Tennessee), and I don’t want to tell him over the phone, but I won’t see him untill Thanksgiving, and I can’t keep this between me and my mom for that long. Any advice? :pinch:



    It is hard for me to give advice on how to tell your dad because I don’t know anything about his personality. Will he be excited? upset? indifferent? I suppose you could sent him a card with a letter and ultrasound pictures, but I don’t know if this would be any easier or better than telling him over the phone. Would it be easier for you if your mom broke the news to him (if they’re on speaking terms)?, or are you excited to give him the news yourself?

    In my case my parents are still married and both were practically begging for grandchildren so it wasn’t stressful for me to tell them. I actually told them over the phone the day we found out. However they live only about an hour away so I have seen them somewhat frequently throughout the pregnancy. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

    P.S. I’m also due in February. My predicted due date is Feb. 19th.



    Hi, My Name is Chontay, im 19, im not pregnant but earlier on in this yr i was.
    My boyfriend, who im still with today pushed me to have an abortion and i did.
    It was the worst choice of my life and i wish i could take it back everyday.
    Im not postin this as a bad thing – i want other ppl to consider everything long n hard b4 they make the choice i made.
    This site is a great site i kno its helped so many gurl, it has helped me in some ways too……
    :kiss: Chontay


    Heyyyy everyone 🙂
    My name is irene and im 19. and i will be 17 weeks pregnant this thursday. I took the pregnancy test when i was 2 weeks late with my period..but i already knew i was pregnant i just needed to be 100%.

    I told the babys father..he acted as if he was supportive and said he had my back. It wound up he only had my back if i was to get an abortion..he was pressuring me non stop. I was confused about the whole thing.. i made a list of pros and cons..there were more cons than pros, BUT to me the pros out did the cons. So i decided to keep the baby, i told him and he was extremely mad, he said that do i think its fair and i didnt listen to him, and he called me selfish. Than he started saying how the baby might not be his. Hes gona b22, and ive known him for 2 years, we were never boyfriend and girlfriend but i love him and he knows that, and he knows i only want to be with him. We didnt talk for a while, i figured he was in shock, and just the other day he called and he says he wants to be involved.

    Well enough about him lol. Im scared about the whole thing, considering that im so young, but i know that its the right thing to do. Im not a holy person, but God made this happen for a reason.. i dont know it now but i know i will in the future. Im lucky to have a very supportive family and friends that are basically like fam. The only problem i have is financial, but im trying to get help for that now, and im definately going to finish college. I just have to keep a positive outlook on things.


    hi my name is tiana i am 21 i have had a pretty eventful life in the past four years. When i was 17 i found out i was pregnant, i had my daughter when i was 18 three days after i graduated from high school, eight months after that i found out that i was pregnant again at three months i had a miscarriage. Then 1 month after my miscarriage i found out that i was 9 weeks pregnant with twins. I had my boys extremely early at 24 weeks pregnant. When they were three months old and still in the hospital and severely ill i got pregnant again and had a miscarriage after my miscarriage i went to the doctors about 6 weeks after to get a check up to find out once again i was pregnant i had an abortion at the demands of the father who threatened to leave and i was scared to be alone, i still wonder about my baby all the time and wish i never did it, but three weeks ago i had a precious little boy and am thankful for him everyday and thankful that the abortion did not hurt my body. so basically i’ve been pregnant six times in four years and i don’t regret anything but the abortion because i love my kids and would not be complete without them.

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