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    Hello i am 18 and 5 1/2 months pregnant. I was 17 when i found out… My boyfriend actually knew i was pregnant before i even knew… i was only 4 days late on my period and he told me that i needed to go take a pregnancy test… and i just laughed and said no… my period will come soon there is no need to worry. But he wouldnt get off the phone until i went and got one…so he went to work and i hung out with my friend that night and i told her that i needed to go get a test…(and belive me i have taken tests before and no way would it come back positive becuz that wouldnt happen to me… right??? …. WRONG) I went and got the test and then i went back to my friends apartment and i took it…it was so easy and i was just gonna leave it in the bathroom and look later… well when i was about to get up i watched the test… and the first line came up….and i was like "see what did i tell him…? its negative yea" and then i waited another minute and the 2nd line came up…OH MAN did i freak out!! i couldnt belive that this was happening to me…i was graduating this year and i was going to go to college and i didnt ever think this would happen to me… i thought i was dreaming. I ran out of the bathroom and went and showed my friend…. and she was shocked…. and i was pounding on the walls and freaking out…. how was i going to tell my parents?? what was i going to do? what was my whole family going to think of me.. ? Then i remembered that i had to call my bf… he was at work and i was bauling my eyes out…and i asked for him….and when he got to the phone i just blurted it out with tears pouring down my cheeks….he couldnt believe it…he was still 16 …he was only a junior and he had another year of school to go through… he was so upset. but he told me he loved me and that we would get through it…
    Well anyways…. my bf and i have had our ups and downs totally, i thought he was going to break up with me if i kept the baby…him and his family and my dad wanted me to give the baby up for adoption…. but i finally told him that i am keeping our baby and now he is pretty excited… and we are still together….my mom is VERY supportive….and so is my moms side of the family…they cant wait!! 🙂 telling my mom was not easy but i got through it….and thankfully she told my dad…and my bf told his parents a couple days later….and yeah they freaked but they got over it….but let me tell you… i think back to that day i took that test….and it kinda depresses me if it would of come back negative…because feeling my child everyday…is a BLESSING!! i love this baby… i am due october 8th…and i am so excited…i am not to happy about the labor part though :ohmy: but we will get through it…my bf is going into the Marines next year after his senior year….but i am trying to talk him out of it…. but other then that everytying should work out!! My mom has been a big help and i love her sooooo very much!!! 🙂 🙂 well that is it for now!! thank you so much with this website…and GOd Bless EVERYONE!!!! I wish you luck on your pregnancies and your children!!!!


    Hi, my name is Vicky, from Ireland. I have posted before but i’m not sure how many saw it, but an update for those who did, it’s now 8 weeks since my last period and tests still saying negative. so now i’m guessing i just missed a period due to stress and a condition i have (more later) so i’m waiting to see if i get it this month, due tomorrowish.
    it’s strange but i feel kinda disappointed that i’m not pregnant, even though i’d have had to go through the awful thoughts of is it my fiances or my ex’s. i guess i really just want to be able to be pregnant. I’m 21 so i know there’s still plenty of time but i have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), only in one side, but me and my fiance have been trying to conceive since november. we’re at the point where he’s going for tests (tomorrow actually) to see is it just me preventing us getting pregnant or what. it’s terrible coz we both really want kids, and he really really wants them, it was his idea for me to come off the pill. he’s 26 by the way.
    Also, the day i found out i have PCOS my best friend (18) found out she’s pregnant! in fact i was the one who read the test for her. so i’ve the mixture of emotions of being really happy for her (it wasn’t exactly planned but she and her fiance are happy about it) and wishing it was me. like we’re trying and we’re not, and they weren’t tryng and they are! we joke that she got my baby
    anyway, i wish you all the very best, and this site is amazing, it was my friend who told me about it. this ‘getting to know each other thing’ is great too. 😛


    Hi Falon. Thanks for posting. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. My pregnancy hasn’t been going so good. I spotted a little and now i’m on bedrest. i really didn’t feel like coming on to this site. but so far everthing is good. The ultrasound was wonderfull and my cervix is completely closed. I haven’t had any bleeding since wednesday. (now that i say somethng i’ll probably start bleeding again.)
    I’m so sorry on what you had to go through. it’s good that you learned from your mistakes and are now trying to stop others from doing the same thing.
    Good luck!


    Hi Shae. Thanks for posting. Congradulations!!!! October 8th is one day before my fiancee’s birthday!! THat’s cool. Good Luck with everything. I look forward to getting to know you!


    Hi Vicky. Thanks for posting! So what part of Ireland are you from? We had an a kid from Project Childern for 7 years in a row. He’s like 30 years old now. He can over here for my sisters wedding last year! He lives in Belfast.

    Have you found out yet if your pregnant? Let me know!


    hiya, thanks for replying, that’s the great thing about this site, knowing you’re not alone and have peeps to talk to! i’m from Galway (the west) originally but have been in Dublin for the last 4 years. Tests are still telling me i’m not pregnant, it’s been 8 weeks and a day since my last period! haven’t a clue what’s going on at this stage! sorry about yourself, i hope everything works out for you, keep us posted anyway, and i wish you the very best of luck, i’ll be thinking of you *Hugs*


    Hi, My Name is Jessica,
    I found out that I was pregnant my senior year in highschool. It was june 2,2004i went for a check up and they told me the news. Graduation was 12 days away. I was very excited. my boyfriend and i had bought onesies, and baby wash cloths. I was gaining weight, working, going to highschool and taking college courses at the same time. Our last appointment at the doctors office was terrible. we was told that our baby had never developed a yolk sac and was dead. I was 9 weeks. That was like a knife being stabbed in back over and over again. what hurt the most was seeing my boyfriend cry and knowing that it was his first time going to the doctors with me. it is now 2005 and we dont have any children yet, although we have been trying. anyway thats my story. 🙁


    Hi Jessica. WOW!!! We have so much in common. I too found out i was pregnant my senior year of high school. I found out in March of 2004. At 8 weeks i had a miscarriage. It’s worst thing to go through. You never get over it and you spend the rest of you life grieving, even if you do get pregnant again! I know because i am pregnant again.
    It will happen just think positive and relax!!!! Keep me posted!!!


    God bless you all! :cheer:


    Hi my name is Holly and the first time i found out i was pregnant was when i was 16 and in my last year at high school. i was 8 weeks when i found out and i told my then boyfriend straight away because he was outside the doctors office i was so happy but scared at the same time i asked my boyfriend what he thinks and he didn’t answer he said it was up to me. i told him that i wanted to keep the baby. but when i was 10 weeks pregnant he told me that he didn’t want me to keep it and said i had to get an abortion i didn’t want to get rid of my child i was so upset and unhappy i cried for the next week and when i saw him again he gave me a choice i can have the abortion or he would make me lose the baby. so regretfully i had an abortion i didn’t want to and it killed me inside i felt like i lost the only reason for me to live my life but with my boyfriend beside me he pushed me to get over it so i hid my feelings down inside and kept them to myself. then six months later i found myself pregnant again this time there was no hesitation to what my boyfriend wanted he told me the same thing again have the abortion or he’ll do it for me. And to my own dismay i went to have the abortion but this time i didnt go easy i screamed at him for weeks that i didn’t want to do it again and that it killed me to do it even once i tried to get away and went to my friends place but he found me and wouldn’t let me go but finally those white walls closed around me again and all i could do was cry. we broke up after this and i was dead inside from all the pain that i felt i still feel all of this pain today and it hasn’t gone away and it hasn’t lessened at all .i’m 20 now i have a new boyfriend who is my fiannce’ and he understands and is supportive of what happened but he can’t really help me to get over what i was forced to do and it kills him so much to see me upset and not be able to do nething. i had some great news a few months ago and was told i was pregnant my fiannce and i rejoiced because we were so happy but in january at 5 months pregnant i lost our little boy and it killed me all over again it seems like i have all the pain in the world and the weight on my shoulders is getting heavier i have a little bit of sunshine with my fiannce but he can see that its all eating away at me from the inside out. We are hope to start trying for another child once we are married but no matter what i can never for get my children even though i will never see then never hear them and never hold them i loved them for the short time i had them and love them still and they all have their special place in my heart. i have been dwelling on the feelings for the past 5 years of my life and its all i can ever think about my fiance is trying to get me to get some help but i think that i just need to be left alone and deal with it my own way. its all i do is research the stuff of the net and write my stories and poems about how i felt and what i went through my best friend told me that i’ve become obsessive about it and that no matter what i do i can’t change what happened and i know that but it doesn’t stop me from feeling down i have 6 A4 folders covered from front to back with things about pregnancy and abortion and they are all full with stuff i’ve kept everything from the first time i was pregnant till now i don’t think i have a problem but my friends think that i’m always down and that when we see babies in the street or a pregnant women that i change and become very dark. the nurses at the clinic told me that i would feel a sense of relief but considering i didn’t want to terminate in the first place its making me go crazy i don’t know what to do or believe. Am i crazy or am i just never going to get over what my ex boyfriend made me do? i don’t know what to think when my friends say that but all i can say is that i feel a great sense of longing everytime i see a pregnant woman or a mother and child and wish that i still had atleast one if not all of my children with me i really do think that this is killing me. neway thats my story i hope that neone who is pregnant or is hoping to be soon the best of luck and i am very much thankful to this site it has helped me so much i guess its just a pity that i didn’t find it sooner.

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    hi…my names meghan…im 19 and 26 weeks pregnant. joe and i had known each other for a while but we started "officially" dating december 24 which was also the first day of my last period. i was convinved i had the flu and a woman i work with said "i think your pregnant! take a test" i told her nooooooo, i couldnt be! but i told joe what she said and he said well what if you are and i said "then i have a baby in september" and we never said anything else about it. he was sitting right there while i took the test and hes been there for everything since then. all the docters appointments, all the ultrasounds, all the shopping trips-which he HATES! around 12 weeks i had horrible cramps and they had me go in for an ultrsound. before the ultrasound he leaned over and said "hang in there little one…" he aggrivates me to no end with his video games and basketball obsession but i couldnt love him any more than i do. 14 weeks til abigail rose is supposed to come and all is well! my parents havent kicked me out, all my family is supportive (after some fierce lecturing) and everyones excited. when ever someone talks down to you wanting to know how your going to do it all just tell them "itll be alright and if its not well deal with that when it comes" :blink:



    my name is monica and i’m 19. i’ll be 20 in september… yeah! i’m going into my third year of school at the university of maine [though i’m actually not from maine, hehehe]. i’m majoring in information systems engineering, minoring in psychology.. STILL have a few more years to go as the major is pretty intense.

    it was kinda weird actually. i was dating this man [who is now my fiance] and we started having sex in january… i actually thought i was pregnant in february but i ended up getting my period. so we started using protection because we didn’t want to go through that little scare again. well, in april we had to move out of the apartment we were living in at the time because lease was up and we didn’t want to renew it. the night before we moved into our new apartment we decided to have a little fun…. a little unprotected fun…. and i’m pretty sure that was the night i conceived. the funny part was that at the beginning of may i went to the campus health center and inquired about going on the pill. well, since i took that semester off [i wasn’t taking any classes] they couldn’t see me until may term started because i was taking a may term class. by the time i was able to be seen i was already a week late on my period and took a test. it happened to come out positive and i came running out of the bathroom yelling at my fiance…. yeah. i had mixed feelings about it at first, but once the word got out and people showed support for us i felt a lot more confident about things.

    and now i’m at 11 weeks… although it’s been a rollercoaster ride…. MANY ups and downs… it’s been pretty fun so far. i’ve started doing things that I wouldn’t normally have ever done before… like knitting, painting, dance dance revolution, among other things.

    i guess my advice is just have fun, keep yourself busy… GET OUT OF THE HOUSE ONCE IN A WHILE [staying cooped up inside all day is just depressing], and well hang out with your friends as much as you can now… enjoy your time before the baby is born…. 😛

    if anyone needs someone to talk to… i’m here! i love meeting new people… so if you ever just want to spout thngs off, i’m here for you!

    best of luck to everyone! it’s nice to meet you all! :cheer:


    Hi Holly. Thanks for posting. I know how hard it must have been to share your story. I am so sorry for all you had to go through. No one has the right to make you get an abortion. It sickens me to think that it’s going on. A year ago my friends cousin payed some girl $2000 to have an aboriton. It made me sick!!! I know how hard it is to lose a child. I lost mine at 8 weeks. If you ever need anyone to talk to we are all here for you!!


    Hi Meghan.
    Thanks for posting and congradulations!!!! That’s so great that you have such a supportive boyfriend!! My finace is the same way. He hasn’t missed a single doctors appointment!!! And the video games!!! OMG!!!!!! I can’t get him away from that machine for a minute. The other night i made his favorite dinner. I could not, for the life of me, get him to come upstairs and eat. He was really bad with basketball last year. But thos year he’s alittle out of shape and nows he’s into fishing!?!?!? Go figure. If i don’t get up the excat minute he does he leaves and goes fishing!!! Well whatever, i still love him.
    So when’s your due date? Let me know and keep me posted!


    Hi Monica, I’m monica also!! Thanks for posting and congrats!!! So when’s your due date? Let me know and keep me posted!!


    I havnt been on here for a while cause i have been extreemly busy but i think getting to know the other memebers is a brilliant idea.
    I am 17, soon to be 18 next month and i have got a 2year old boy named Louis. Luois is not my biological son, i am his godmother and cousin. Unfortunatly my Cousin gave up her battle for life on New years day, and being the godmother, i started my new year as a parent to a 2year old as i am now his legal guarding. I love having Louis, all this little boy wants in life is someone to love him, we have been through some very hard times, especially since i have, this past week, been sitting my A-level exams (im from England), its been very hard going from being his god mother to being his full time carer but i love it, of course i wish his mother was still here for him, but i am determined to make sure he knows that his mummy will always be with him in spirit.
    I feel i have been given a second chance with Louis and that everything was ment to be, since i went into spontaneous labour with my daughter after just 19weeks of pregnancy back in October, there is not a day goes by that i dont think about my daughter but Louis makes life worth living again.
    its good to here all the other stories and although mine may be a bit different this site and all the members gives other girls something to hope for.
    i look forward to reading other members stories.
    Love always,
    ps when i get a good picture of the two of us i will post it on


    Hi Vicerity. Thank you for posting! Am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I know how hard it is to lose a child. I lost my son as well. if you ever need anyone to talk to just leave me a post i’m here for you. and good luck with Louis. I think you are doing a wonderful thing!


    january 12 is when i’m due.



    hey, my name is vera. my story is sad in the beginning but just wait it gets better. i grew up as an orphan living in basically a different home every couple months. when i was 12 i ended up at one that i actually could stand. but i started hanging out with the wrong crowd. i got involved with a much older guy, and we became a couple. but one night he forced himself on me. i was scared and didnt tell anyone cause i didnt want to get taken out of the foster home i was in. so i put up with it. but one too many times led to me becoming pregnant. i was so terrified, so i went to my bf thinking he would support me. instead he was drunk and started beating me. i blanked out and really dont remeber all the details after that. the next morning i woke up in the hospital and was told by the doctor that i had lost the baby. it was the worst feeling ever. i became so depressed, and sad. i ended up staying with my foster parents until i turned 15 because i became extremely depressed and started abuseing drugs. i was once again moved from foster home to foster home. but finally when i turned 17 i was placed in a home that helped me get back on my feet. i also met a guy and found out i was pregnant last year. i seriously considered abortion, but i was led to this site by a counselor and it helped my make the right choice, and three months ago i twin boys, Jotham and Benji. i just turned 18 a little while ago and their father and i were married july 2nd this year and we are so happy. and…. yesterday, i just found out that i am once again having a baby. i’m really nervous, cause i’m gonna have my hands full, but i know i will make it. i am really sorry my story is so long, but i need to ask, do any of you have any creative ideas on how i should tell my husband, he doesnt know yet and i really want to freak him out, so if you have any creative ideas please let me know. thanks.- vera 🙂


    Hi my name is Katie and I’m 19 yrs old (20 on November 19th!) My son Alex is 2 1/2 (3 on October 12th.) Wow how time flies. Well I found out I was pregnant the end of my junior year in H.S. I don’t remember all the details right now and it would take me a while to think of them so I’ll just summarize my story. I told my parents when we were in the car and all they said was that they were very dissapointed. My pregnancy went well. It actually changed my life–I was a bad kid for a while but after I got pregnant I realized I had to change for my baby and for myself. I gave birth on my son’s due date after only 6 hours and 45 minutes of labor (I was verrrrrrrrrrrrry lucky!) I’ll take more time someday and make my own page (with some details) on this site. That’s all for now! Hope to hear from some of you soon!


    HI im Jemma i found out when i was 15 and i was 7months gone and had my baby when i was 16 he was born in feb 2003. im not with the father he said he was not ready to be a dad but now iam getting married next year and happy as eva


    Hey Katie my labour was 2hrs 30mins. are you still with the father??


    WOW! 2hrs 30min! That was one quick labour!

    Well my names Michelle… as u may have guessed lol and last Tuesday i gave birth to my twins at 36weeks. I have a little boy and a little girl, named Rhys and Elouise! They are both quite good and so far ive bin havin fun caring for them.

    So heres my story….
    I found out i was pregnant wen i was 16 and only 3weeks gone! It was late January of this year and my boyfriend of 2years had recently bin sent to prison for 4mnths (he’s such a great dad) Once he came home things started to go great and when i was 5mnths pregnant i sat my GCSE’s (im from England btw) In August i found i got 1 A*, 3 A’s, 6 B’s and 1 C. Which i was very pleased with. I can now do whatever i want and will be doing my A levels next school year after some time with my babies.

    I went into labour early monday evening and was in labour for 28hrs before giving birth to my babies 43 minutes apart.

    Im now looking forward to being a great mum to my two new little people!

    Loads of love and my best wishes to you all….
    Michelle xxx


    Hi my name is Jennifer and I am 17 yrs. old and pregnant at the high school. I am 15 wks. and 3 days pregnant with the guy that ive been with for 2 yrs. We want to get married but of course we have to wait until we settle down. I live with him at his house with his family because we are still saving up money to buy a house for the baby after it is born. He is very responsible and is still attending college. He is 21 yrs. old. The only thing that matters to me is that i love him and that we will make it work for the both of us and the baby on its way. 😉


    Hey ppl,
    My name is Melissa and I am 21 years old. I have been married for 1 year and 9 months. I have a 14 month old daughter named Esti and I’m 25 1/2 weeks pregnant Due December 30th with my second, a boy!
    I got pregnant with my daughter when I was 19 and not married. I didn’t even know if I love my baby’s father. We were dating seriously, but I didn’t think i wanting to get married. I still wanting to go to college and have a career, I wanted to be a veteranarian. I was forced into my marriage by my mother and his parents. All I wanted was to be a kid.
    To tell yo all the truth, I don’t regret any of this. My husband ended up taking it into his own hands, he’s 6 years older than me. He told everyone that we would talk and decide what we were going to do, no matter what anyone thought. I still had all these people telling me that I needed to get married to make myself right with G-d and things like that.
    I also had to decide if I wanted to be this young taking this on and the fact that he’s been married before and has a 4 1/2 year old daughter with his previous wife. I decided that I had to be mature and………….
    we decided to get married. We realized that we knew eachother for long enough and he knew he loved me, but I still wasn’t sure. Well, it didn’t take long for me to see i could love this man. He’s a great guy and I love him with all my heart and soul.
    It’s been hard, but i’ve kept my chin up and taken it all head on.
    I love my little girl more than anything in this world and I cannot think of how life ever was without her. She is my shining star, the light in my life. And this baby inside me, while beating the crap out of me, is going to be amazing too. I am so happy and sometimes, I just cry because I look at this amazing little person I have created and it takes my breath away.

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