me too i think im pregnant!!!

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    ok …. on the 11 th of march i had sex with my boyfriend and i need help i usually get my period on the 14 so i wasn’t sure if i missed this period on the 14th or next month so now i’ve been feeling really tried and on the 14th i missed my period but i got it the next day. it came a little but now it’s like a lot and i was wondering should i still take the test or do you think i’m really not preegnant????? answer please!!!! ASAP!!!!!P.S. I KIND OF DO WANT TO HAVE A KID!!!! 😛


    If you were only one day late and it was a heavy flow then you are most likely not pregnant. How old are you? If you kind of want a kid and you are not married with a steady income and a good support group of family and friends I would recommend waiting untill you do have those things (especially marriage) untill you try for a baby 🙂 Meg


    If you got it the next day and it was at lest 3days i think you have no reasion to worry. If you wan’t to be sure take the test but one day late is nothing to stress over…. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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