m i preg..plz help..r thr chances of bein preg

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    The story is something like this. I get my period at evry 26th day. I get regularly. And my period continues for 4-6days. I had unprotected sex at 7th day from the day i got my period. i.e on 2nd feb i had got my period, n on 8th feb i had sex. N i took pill after 6hrs from the moment i had sex. Now my doubt is are their possibilities of getting pregnant????
    Because after two days , i got vomiting sensation. Other than this i dont have any other symptoms. plz reply


    Typically, you can’t get pregnant till around the 2nd week after your period. It’s possible before that, but not very likely. 🙂 If by ‘pills’ you mean the morning after pill, you should be fine. If you just took a regular birth control pill, those don’t kill semen, and there’s a possibility of getting pregnant. Chances are you’re safe, but if your period doesn’t come around it’s usual time, then test.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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