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    I am just venting…Well I am at a great point in my life right now. I have a wonderful 3 year old who is my world! I have the most wonderful man in the world…sad at times though because he is in the navy and going through his A school…I am looking forward to our wedding! I wouldn’t change anything. I really do want a baby boy…but I am being settle about it. My finance’s name is Desmon and he says as soon as we are married we can have a baby together. I miss being pregnant but even if i don’t get another baby…I am complete…I am more of a calm person now…even more laid back then i was 4 years ago before my little girl made her way to me…I always questioned how i could love anyone as much as I could my baby and well I love her more then anything and that love grows every day. I love it when she looks at me and says mommy i love you! OMG I melt inside. Desmon isn’t her father but he might as well be. I am thankful for all the struggle because without it i wouldn’t have the life that i have now. My life is whole and i couldn’t ask for more. Desmon and I are both 20…he will be 21 in September and I will be 21 in December.

    A mother’s love is a love….
    that no on can explain,
    It is made of deep devotion
    and of sacrifice and pain,
    It is endless and unselfish
    and enduring come what may
    For nothing can destroy it
    or take that love away . . .
    It is patient and forgiving
    when all others are forsaking,
    And it never fails or falters
    even though the heart is breaking . . .
    It believes beyond believing
    when the world around condemns,
    And it glows with all the beauty
    of the rarest, brightest gems . . .
    It is far beyond defining,
    it defies all explanation,
    And it still remains a secret
    like the mysteries of creation . . .
    A many splendorous miracle
    man cannot understand
    And another wondrous evidence
    of God’s tender guiding hand.

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