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    so i’m 19 and pregnant, a soon 2 b college sophomore… just found out yesterday i’m prego. my baby’s father is going away 2 the navy in June… although he’s agreed 2 b there and "STANDUP". i just don’t knw how 2 tell my very strict, Christian parents that would NEVER xpect this of me and will b very disappointed… but i am DETERMINED 2 finish school. and the stories bout abortion i have read on this site have convinced me that i am abortion is not one of my options. HELP! ADVICE–> about skool, my situation, telling my parents! PLZ!!


    Well if your parents are "Good Christians" they will aknowledge that we have all sinned and fallen short of Gods best for us and if they cant forgive you it doesnt mean that God wont 🙂 They will be hurt and that is expected but they will probably get over it at somepoint.. I found myself in a similar situation!!!I had been going to church for a while and the only family and friends I really had were there… well I got pregnant and it stumbled alot of people…they loved me though and I felt God just touch my life and give me the strength to make healthier choices…I remained abstinent for 3 1/2 years after that (untill my wedding night) and my encouragement for you would be to make a similar choice…it sounds like you are in a steady relationship…dotn have sex with him untill he marries you and it willnot only put him to the test but it will help your parents to see that you need their help more than ever…I know alot of people who have adult kids who are not living in a healthy way so they dont want to enable them to continue in it..but if you take the step of "repentance" and aknowledge that you crossed the line of what they wanted for you then they will be more likely to step in and love on you through this….Maybe even help pay for the wedding 🙂 I hope that helped and congratulations on your little blessing in your womb….Meg


    hey im emillie im 17 and im pregnant too,this is my second pregnancy but i had a termination last tym.i found out on friday and went straight to da doctors and they gave me advice and im deffo keeping my baby..i have an appointment wiv the midwife on april 19th.i am in the same situationas u!! but i ent even told my partener!! im soo scared cz my partener didnt take my first pregnancy well….and neither did my mum!!! i just don’t no how to tell them!!! do u no how far u are????? my advice to u is to c ur doctor asap and they can give u advice…and my doctor told me dat you can talk to your doctor about any problems and worrys you have.keep me posted on how tings go plzzz w/b luff em xxxxx


    Girl, i wish you the best of luck! I dont have very strict christian parents, so I can’t really tell you anything on that. My grandma is christian and she took it very well, also dissapointed, but that is understandable. Whar she said was that not everytime a woman and man have sex, does the woman get pregnant. So when the woman does, you ar suppoused to except it, it’s a gift from god. This little baby is going to be a miracle in your life and is given to you for a reason. I’m glad that you are not going to get an abortion…that was out of the question for me too. I know I am way younger than you, but if you ever need to talk, I’m here. My mom went through the same situation when she was pregnant with me at 19…so I can understand you. Hope everything works out good!


    Your story sounds just like mine (except my son’s father has never been in the picture). I grew up going to a very small Christian school from 2-12 grade and my family also attended church there. I wasn’t allowed to date or even have boys call for homework questions. I didn’t date until I moved out at 18. My parents seemed extreme to me and we didn’t have a close relationship because of it. They ended up taking the news of my pregnancy REALLY well, I was shocked, They have been nothing but loving and supportive concerning my son. They were less thrilled about my current pregnancy because it happened 6 months before my wedding date and during a very hard semester at school, but they are slowly adjusting. Give your parents some credit. Even if their inital reaction isn’t the best they may just need some time. I think usually just shows that they love us. They hurt for us when we make our lives more complicated then they need to be. Your baby will bless your life in such an extreme way and you will finish school. Hang in there, Lady 🙂


    I have VERY strict catholic parents. They were rly upset wen they found out I was pregnant and grounded me for at least 4 months (until the baby is born) from my bf. I cant even call him. Except I see him at skool so there is that. I rly hope ur parents take it better than mine. Good luck!


    [size=4]thank u so much… ur words were very encouraging. i know my parents will support me, but the hardest part is still goin 2 b tellin them… i jus don’t want them 2 feel lyk i’m a bad daughter or jus a big mess-up. and as far as the abstinence-til-marriage thing… i do plan on it. bcz i know the last thing i want is another child or consequence.

    appreciate it 🙂 [/size]


    [size=4]heyy, i liked the line: "Not everytime a woman and man have sex, does the woman get pregnant. So when the woman does, you are supposed to accept it, it’s a gift from God". i knew that, but 2 hear it that way wuz more inspiring. i hope everything works out good 4 me too… and u 🙂

    thanX [/size]


    wow i was in that same situation. im 19 and a sophmore in college and im 3months pregnant. im also christian and my mom or ne one expected this from me and they were dissapointed at first. but what i did was i told my aunt which i knew would take it better than my mom and she sat my mom down and talked to her. you can do something like that, u can either be present or just talk to ur mom one on one after she already knows. i also sat down and talked to my pastors about it and everyones real supportive. i thought that everyone was gonna hate me and talk badly about me but none of that happend. especially within the church. i got alot of love from them. you just have to be mature and confront the situation u kno. u already made the choice to have ur baby which is a blessing so talkin to ur mom as soon as possible is the best thing. i was considering abortion too but i came across this site that really changed my mentality. even if ur parents are a little upset now…dont worry theyre still gonna love u and support u no matter what especially if u come from a christian family.


    thank u so very much 4 tellin me ur story. on this site, i can really c how alone and unsupported i am NOT & how so many girls can relate… i’m goin 2 tell my parents this weekend probably. i’m still nervous, but at the same time i have gotten over a lot of my fears and worries about it bcz i know where i stand with myself, my baby, and my God.



    So, you are 17 and pregnant again…It is a difficult thing to tell your mom at this stage especially bcos u were pregnant last term as well. I would suggest you try to do things "right" this time to "make up" for last term’s pregnancy.
    There are a number of things on your side : Firstly after your first pregnancy, your mom now knows you are sexually active. At least that wont be another thing for her to deal with.
    Secondly, your boyfriend participated in making this little baby, so he KNEW what happened last time and yet he STILL continued having sex with you. That means both of ya knew the consequenses and yet still continued the act. If you want to keep your baby – which I pray you will do – he must really accept it. If he tries to convince you to have an abortion, tell him that this baby is INOCENT and does not deserve that. If he can not be a positive contributor towards the situation, he must rather then not be part of this at all. This is a miracle….a tiny litle person growing under your heart… A person who deserves a chance in life. he/she did not ask to be there…now you are his/her mommy and you need to fight your hands off for the safety and happiness for your little baby.
    Please stay in touch…you are NOT alone!!!!

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